G.I. Joe Figures that I actually like

Going Back to the Collection and Finding some Gems!

With every person who has a collection of some sort, there is some good and some bad. They still collect them but some items get a little more love than others, Different things, different memories, even different ways of obtaining the items. All can make for their own feelings for the collector. A while back I made mention of my GI Joe Collection and some lowlights from what was released, but this time I will show what figures I adore!


Steel Brigade/Starduster

Steel Brigade (v1B) G.I. Joe Action Figure – YoJoe Archive

While its very difficult to pin a specific year to a specific version of Steel Brigade, this version began shipping in 1988 and probably stopped shipping around 1989.

Starduster (v1C) G.I. Joe Action Figure – YoJoe Archive

While its very difficult to pin a specific year to a specific version of Starduster, this version began shipping in 1989 and probably stopped shipping around 1992.This version of Starduster came with

Putting these two together because they filled the same role. As a kid and even as an adult, these guys used to appear all the time but were usually out of my price range. As a kid with these both being offered for years in the mail aways, getting money and flag points together to get any of them was always out of the question. the Steel Brigade figure especially with you being able to make your own bio and all. As I got older and had money coming in, eBay was a savior there. Thanks to some very well done “customs” I was able to get both. Moreso in fact, I have two different versions of Starduster (Regular and Tiger Force Paint) and four different Steel Brigade figures (Regular, Blue, Arctic and Night) figures. All at decent prices (12 dollars or less).


Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek (v1) G.I. Joe Action Figure – YoJoe Archive

Sneak Peek was first released as part of the sixth series (1987). He was also available in 1988 and was discontinued in 1989.Webmasters Note:On Sneak Peeks filecard, the characters name is Owen S. Kin

It was weird with this one. The original figure has been part of my collections since 1987, and I LOVED the character and the figure since then, but for the longest time, I literally had no idea why. He was a chubby recon guy who came with a big green periscope. What was there to love? The details were actually in the blister pack he was packaged in. Of all the GI Joe profiles I had read, he was the only one from my home state of Maine! THAT is why I loved him so much  (Also named after Stephan King’s son), but actually didn’t remember until well into the internet age and was able to look it up for myself. Now not only do I STILL have the original figure (looking every bit of it too), but I even have the “Night Force” version that was made available in a limited supply.



Skymate (v1) G.I. Joe Action Figure – YoJoe Archive

Skymate was released carded with a G.I.Joe Glider in the tenth series (1991) as part of the Air Commandos. He was discontinued domestically in 1992.

Yeah, this is another weird one, but I was well aware of that even in the ’90s when he was actually around. Despite being a Glider pilot who came with a Boomerage and a Bow and Arrow as weapons, I still had an infinity for the figure. I only had one of the gliders but my best friend at the time had this figure and I loved it. The bright pink helmet, the knife on his wrist (only later did that make any sense). It was one of those figures I wish I had but just never got him until YEARS later with some disposable income and the magic of eBay. I didn’t get any of the weapons or even the glider itself, just the figure, kind of expensive, but it was well worth it.



Skystriker (v1) G.I. Joe Action Figure – YoJoe Archive

Skystriker was released as part of the seventh series (1988), packaged exclusively with the Tiger Rat covert ground attack jet. He was also sold in 1989, then was discontinued domestically in 1990.Th

In the same mold as Skymate, but even older and MUCH harder to find. Skystriker was a figure I didn’t even know existed until the early 90s. The problem was Skystriker was made available in the limited supply in 1988 and came with the huge tiger printed Tiger Rat. But he was also one of the few figures that looked decent, with his tiger printed jacket over his suit and an Ascot! I eventually did get one of my own, but it was from a collector site and cost a little more then I’d like to on a single figure. But still, ASCOT!


Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes (v4) G.I. Joe Action Figure – YoJoe Archive

Snake Eyes (version 4) was released carded as part of the tenth series (1991). He was discontinued domestically in 1992.

This guy was the holy grail for us kids who grew up with GI Joe or those old enough to collect them. It didn’t matter which version, but for the longest time you HAD to have a real Snake Eyes. It was either the early versions where he was a commando (one even had a WOLF), or some of the later versions that had him as a ninja. He was THE character of the franchise as he barely ever spoke and you almost NEVER saw his face. If you didn’t have one, you just took a generic masked guy and MADE him Snake eyes was you were playing around. I did the same thing as a kid until I actually got a Snake Eyes figure of my own.


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