Carrie Fisher will be in Episode IX whether people want it or not.

Movie Magic comes to the Force!

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It is a staple of geek/nerdom, The Star Wars movies mean a lot. Those three movies from the 70’s and 80’s have a big impact on being a geek or nerd. They created a lot of fans and had a massive impact on fandom.

A big part of that was a young unknown actress named Carrie Fisher. She is what a lot of people think when you mention the Star Wars movies. Her portrayal of Princess Leia is iconic, even if you aren’t a fan of the films. As time went on, her Princess Leia had become an imprint of what a movie princess should be. She did a LOT of things in the years since those movies came out, but to most people, She was Princess Leia

The world lost Carrie Fisher in December of 2016. In her death, things about her made even more fans all over the world for everything she has done. But it seems she will get to play the Princess one last time.

Press releases have come out for the latest Star Wars movie. It was announced will feature Fisher using footage that was “unseen” from her previous work in Episode VIII. This flies in the face of a previous announcement after she passed away that she wasn’t going to be in episode IX because of the filming timetable and respect for her.

Either way, it looks like it is going to happen whether Star Wars fans want it to or not. That kind of news brings up all kinds of thoughts.

On the one hand, it could be said that this is done out of respect. Carrie Fisher IS Princess Leia. If this is truly the last movie that everyone thinks or promises it is, She should be part of it. She was a big part of that story so why not figure a way to bring closure to that. Yes, film magic will have to happen, but so be it to make this a reality. Film and technology make it easier to do these kinds of things all the time. Star Wars is not only a big money name, but they now have  Disney behind them so that means a lot of money and ways to make things happen. We aren’t talking about cardboard stand-ins and stuff like that.

The other viewpoint is that she is no longer with us and this is melding in film from a previous project. There is a feeling of using her name and memory along with her image to help sell a movie. A stand-in would not have gone over well, but neither would have leaving her out entirely. But there is still money to be made and a movie from the series is expected or even guaranteed to make a fortune for a company that has a lot of money behind it.

The ultimate decision though will probably be decided when the movie is actually released. If the movie is well received and people love it,  people will say it was a fitting tribute to someone who played a big part in the story. If it’s panned for one reason or another, It will be called a disrespectful move. How well this idea is pulled off pays little difference to public opinion.

No matter what your thoughts are at this point in time, it isn’t going to do much. The movie IS being made. You do not have to see it or spend a dime on it if you do not want to. But if you are going to make the decision if using her image for this was a good idea or not, make that decision for yourself. If you watch it and like it, then good for you. if you watch it and don’t, then at least YOU made that decision and it wasn’t made for you.

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