Amazing Brain-Training Apps That Will Make You Smarter

Spending too much time on your phone is definitely not a good idea. We are all addicted to smartphones, social media, and interesting apps. If you are already spending hours looking at the screen, at least you can find applications that will promote the health of your brain. There are so many amazing ones, that are fun, challenging and will really do the job. Take a look at the best brain-training apps that will have you addicted.



If you still haven’t heard of TED you are missing out on a lot. This amazing app is so great that you’ll soon become obsessed. Once you download it, you can access a wide range of videos that will change your life forever. The TED talks are delivered by some of the smartest, most innovative people in the world. This app will not only make you smarter but also open your eyes to the world. Even if you are not that well educated, you will be able to widen the range of topics to know more about. It offers so many options, including creating a playlist and downloading videos to watch later when you are not connected to the internet. You can even try out the “Surprise Me” feature that will suggest so many videos that you’ll find super-interesting. Even some of your favorite celebrities have TED talks, so make sure not to miss them.

Fit Brains Trainer

There is no better way to train your brain than using this app. Fit Brains Trainer will give you a choice of more than 50 games, all interesting and challenging. This application is delivered by Rosetta Stone. You can download it for free, and a yearly subscription will cost you $39.99. Aside from the games, you will be able to browse through more than 500 workout sessions to improve all the cognitive functions. This app is meant to strongly improve your IQ, concentration, memory, thinking, focus and more. Without a doubt, Fit Brains Trainer is one of the best brain-training apps out there. Try using it whenever you have some free time, and you will notice changes in no time.


If you enjoy challenging games, you will love this one. 2048 is just the app you need to keep you busy and sharpen your brain. The whole point is to reach the number 2048. Your screen will be divided into small squares, each with a number on it. By moving those numbers, you add them one to another. It can be very hard to get to 2048, but after a while, you definitely will. The most persistent ones can continue playing and try to reach the next level of 4096. This is such an addictive game that increases your concentration and memory. All math addicts won’t be able to stop playing it.


They say that there is no better way to stimulate your brain, than by learning a new language. DuoLingo is a free app that will help you choose between a number of languages. It is so easy to use, plus you won’t have to spend any money. This is one of those amazing brain-training apps, that also provide you with extra knowledge. Why pay for an online course, when you can simply download DuoLingo?


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