A Youtuber you can learn History From!

Everything from Thermonuclear War to The Dale!

The internet isn’t exactly known as a place to learn. Usually, people think of the internet as a place for spam emails, videos of cats, and lots of porn. Simply it is thought of by many as a complete waste of time. But then there is The History Guy. Found on Youtube, The History Guy produces videos that give you a history lesson and tries to teach you something. His videos aren’t gimmicks of him screaming or rehashing catchphrases, but instead are videos of him narrating a video about a particular story from history over pictures of what he is talking about.

The History Guy is well equipped for the job as well. He has a Masters Degree in History and has worked in the education field in the past. Unlike many others who produce content for the Internet, he has a background in doing exactly what you would watch him for, telling stories about events in the past.

And while a guy in a bow tie telling stories from History might seem boring to most, he is far from it. He gives these stories some pep and flair. He gives off the feeling he loves what he does, without turning into a caricature of himself or making himself to be a cartoon in doing so. He loves what he is doing and makes things interesting as he is doing it.

And most of the subjects he covers are not the kinds of things you would find in a textbook. His stories are much better than that. He covers more interesting and often overlooked stories from history. He has done videos covering lots of subjects from the time China declared war on sparrows, a look at the dogs that Russia sent into space, to the oddity car from the 70s called The Dale, even a look at Skylab! He covers a wide array of topics that make for great stories and lessons that usually aren’t the kinds of things you would read in a textbook.

The style in which he presents these videos is also calming and fits in with the events he is telling you. The intros to his videos are just him (complete with his bow ties) in a room with shelf space in the background of hats from history and a bookshelf with some books, pictures, and models from histories past. The presentation of his introductions is what you would think of from a person telling you a story from history and the surroundings they would keep. It is not a distraction from what he is trying to tell at all.

And then there is The History Guy himself. Although he says that he tends to speak too fast, I never see that problem come up. And he is not a boring Ben Stien type speaker either. He is not monotone in his delivery and put excitement and interest in his voice, but doesn’t overdo it either. He is not screaming with his excitement as he talks about the XYZ Affair or ramming his merchandise down your throat as he talks about the 1980 Titan rocket explosion that nearly leveled the state of Arkansas. He’s not boring but he isn’t yelling at you either,

The History Guy’s videos are a lesson, but they are stories about the past you can hear. His topics cover all kinds of events and tales. Many of them are things that you don’t normally read or hear about. If you are into learning about event or people that are a little outside the normal, These videos are for you!

So if you want to be entertained and learn something about history, give The History Guy channel on YouTube a look.  There are some wild stories from history he likes to tell!

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