A Moment Pro Wrestling Tries to Avoid

Wrestling fans had no idea at the time

It’s something that no one really wants to see, tv viewers, wrestling fans, or, anybody. It doesn’t do anyone any favors and no one wants to see the moment happen, let alone live on TV in what was supposed to be a big night for a lot of people.

On the 7th of July in front of a big live crowd and a huge live audience on AXS Tv, Japanese wrestler Hiromu Takahashi suffered what appears to be broken neck.

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The event this was taking place on was a big deal for wrestling fans as well as the companies involved. It was being held by New Japan Pro Wrestling, the biggest company in the world behind the American WWE. Many wrestling fans know of them and are a great alternative to the WWE’s antics and stuff they like to put on TV on a weekly basis. The event was a special one aired in the AXS TV cable network. They aren’t as well know, but they are a channel owned by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and he sunk a lot of money behind the programming featuring the world’s second-biggest professional wrestling company.

The Cow Palace

The show took place that Saturday night, live from a place in California called The Cow Palace, an arena that is well known to host wrestling shows going back decades. For American fans, this is a big deal as NJPW only comes to America a couple of times a year. This was the first time in 2018 for them and AXS with at least two more shows announced to take place this year.


The match was later in the card and featured the NJPW Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi. Hiromu is called “The Ticking Time Bomb” as he portrays someone a bit off the wall. He comes to the ring with a stuffed cat named Daryll and even a masked stuffed cat called “Daryll Jr”. Despite his presentation being weird, even for fans in Japan let alone those in the States, he has a reputation for putting on good matches with a lot of high flying and fast moves with a lot of impact.

That is a suplex

His opponent is known as Dragon Lee. A masked man from Mexico who has a big reputation himself in many countries as an equally good wrestler and one who also puts on a good show.


The match itself went over 16 minutes and as expected from both and NJPW, they moved in and out of the ring, above it and in it. They tossed each other around and got the audience to cheer along.

the moment
That move

However, it was when they were performing a throw type of hold when Lee tossed Hiromu over his head with a hold of his neck things went awry. Takahashi landed in an awkward angle, but he still got up.

Amazed he finished the match
This is Amazing

It looked painful even by pro wrestling standards, but no one watching realized how much pain he was in. Takahashi finished the match, even coming out the winner and keeping the title belt he carried with him. The crowd had a great time.

Backstage, the reports are that Takahashi collapsed. Not in front of fans, cameras, and was not part of a story to be told over weeks. This was the real thing.

Takahashi was attended to by the medics in the building and carried out on a stretcher. He was immediately taken to a hospital and looked over. If the fans at home or those in the arena had known what was going on backstage with Takahashi, they want to take a break and hope for his health and future.

Thankfully, Takahashi was able to move and regained consciousness soon after. However, the reports coming out of the match was that Hiromu suffered a broken neck. Details are slim on this, but thankfully he is still able to move and regained consciousness. That is important. Doubts are there if he will ever wrestle again, but most fans would tell you just being able to live a normal life and recover from such an injury is more important. More time will reveal just how bad things are now or what they could have been.

Wrestling may be a lot of show, no matter what country it comes from. But those guys and women do still get in the ring and take a beating. While moments like this are what these guys are trying to avoid, they do still happen.

Hiromu Takahashi
The Ticking Time Bomb

Best wishes to Hiromu and hopes for the best in his recovery.


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