4 Great Cosplayers Who Won’t Get You Fired

Safe for work but awesome to follow!

It’s not exactly a secret that I really like Cosplayers. Although I mostly stick to anime related conventions here in the state of Maine, I love seeing the craftsmanship and creativity these costumers show and have. I wish I was as good as these folks. Now I already covered some cosplayers that do not mind showing a little skin to expand their reach and visibility, but there are a lot that doesn’t go that route and are still awesome. So here are some cosplayers I follow that won’t get you in trouble (hopefully). Click on their names to see more of what they can do!

Pocky Princess Darcy

It’s Pocky Princess Darcy!

Darcy has been a friend of mine going back to my first conventions in the early 2000s. She is mostly based in New Hampshire now, and once lived in the state of Michigan for a while. She has been a visible cosplayer, if not an invited guest to many conventions all over North America. Darcy likes to cover anime and shows that aren’t the most popular to wider audiences. She isn’t one to blend into the crowd. At the same time, she also loves media for the 80s and many of her cosplays come from then. She has been the official mascot for Anime Boston at one time and she has also worked for Wizzywigs, a famous anime store in Michigan. She has hundreds of costumes now from all over the place as well as her wonderful unique sense of fashion. But most of all is a big smile and a real enjoyment from what she does.


Riki “Ridd!e” Lecotey

It’s Ridd!e!

A cosplayer that was born in Canada and now lives in the US. Many will recognize her from the Sci-Fi Network’s “Heros of Cosplay” television show from a few years back. But don’t let that make up your mind on her. Rikki is now more known for her incredible costumes from anime, video games, Movies, and a number of other places. She isn’t much into entering contests anymore as going on photo shoots or acting as a guest or judge for conventions, but you will never hear her say anything bad about other cosplayers. She also has a big reputation from her animal work with squirrels and seems to have a large collection of the little furry friends around wherever she is and loves to share her pictures and stories on her social media.


Zerggiee Stardust

It’s Zerggiee Stardust!

A  California based cosplayer I’ve mentioned before with her many appearances for cosplayer and entertainer D Piddy but is much more than just a Youtube face in the crowd. Shares a similar fandom of old Glam music like I do with David Bowie and Freddie Mercury being big influences. She is a HUGE gamer fan and even calls herself “Bioware Trash”. Most on Youtube know her from her Squirrel Girl appearance but she is also well known for her genderbent Jack Skellington, Metal Gear Solid’s Quiet with a hint of Chicken, and her Cuphead from the video game on top of her many other outfits.


Adam Savage

It’s Adam Savage!

So this is kind of a cheat in a way, but it is true. The former set and props maker who was once part of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters series and now found on Tested.com and Youtube has said he is a big cosplay fan. He loves work from all around, but for himself, he likes to wear a lot of Studio Ghibli attire. He loves bigger and impressive costumes that many of us wouldn’t be able to pull off without a lot of help. Even making it into a small game to see if fans would recognize him during his convention appearances. The big difference is he has a foundation to explain how he was able to achieve a lot of the effects he created. He is just as good at showing you how he did anything as he is showing you what he actually made. Not only can her entertain you, but he can be a resource for making your own creations better.

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