10 Wrestlemania Celebrity Flops

It is a sporting event that brings in millions of people worldwide. It is Wrestlemania and a happening of such a high visibility it has attracted some big names in all those years. However, not all of those famous faces have really made as much of an impact as the WWE would have liked. So with the 34th Wrestlemania a few weeks away here is a list of 10 Celebrity Wrestlemania appearances that flopped.

Liberace (1985)

The showman Vegas singer was hyped up for the first Mania as the timekeeper for the main event. However, the WWF had been promoting he would show up in a big gaudy outfit for the big event. He didn’t. The piano man arrived at the show wearing tan slacks and a white members only jacket. He danced with the Rockettes and that was it. We never got an explanation about what happened, and sadly Liberace died less than 2 years later of AIDS.

Ozzy Osbourne (1986)

Ozzy made an appearance in the second event in 1986 and was a cornerman for the British Bulldogs, a team from England (get the connection?). The heavy metal god just kind of stood there and didn’t anything.  There is a comedic moment when one of the commentators mentioned Ozzy was “shaking at ringside” and those who know about him and his story will find it wasn’t from the excitement of the match.

Rona Barrett (1990)

The Hollywood gossip reporter appeared  in the Toronto Skydome and left a lot of wrestlings fans and especially kids scratching their heads wondering “who?” She appeared only a couple of times during the event (on video, not live) and didn’t do much of anything of note.

Little Richard (1994)

Yes, the “original wild man of rock and roll” opened the event… In 1994. Often Vince and his team are accused of being behind the times and having someone who hadn’t been relevant since the 50s doesn’t really help the argument he is not. It is better worth noting that Vince McMahon himself was 6 months away from facing the Federal Government in court so his mind wasn’t exactly focused on this event.

Sy Sperling(1994)

The point from my last entry hold true as someone within the (then) WWF decided the president of the Hair Club For Men who “was also a client” was a worthy enough “celebrity” to guest at the event. He made a brief appearance and that was it. There was no point to this one and fans were again left wondering what did that add to the whole thing.

Martin Short (2000)

The famed comedian from SCTY and Saturday Night Live wasn’t announced ahead of time or did anything. He was just in the crowd in the Anaheim Pond. Not even in the front row ( Late actor Michael Clark Duncan did however and looked ready to fight someone!) However, they made it a point to point out his attendance at the show.

Miller Light Catfight Girls (2003)

This was part of an advertising campaign Miller Light Beer was doing at the time of having two hot models fight each other to grab attention during a Superbowl commercial. Someone thought it would be a great idea to have them guest at Wrestlemania as well. It wasn’t. There were a couple of backstage skits and a bed was actually rolled out for this “segment” that was more embarrassing than anything else.

Raven Symoné (2008)

The former child actor who was better known at that time for her Disney show “That’s So Raven” was there for something to do with Make a Wish and had a segment where she asked the kids to stand up and give themselves a hand. Except for the kids at ringside were all in wheelchairs. Whoops.

Pee-wee Hermon (2011)

In what many have called one of the worst Wrestlemanias of the modern area, This 80’s “star” appeared at some backstage skits during the show that was held in 2011. The skit involved 80’s wrestling announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund and met with an indifferent “meh” from the viewing audience.

Al Roker (2017)

The NBC morning show weatherman served as the ring announcer for one match at the event and didn’t do that great of a job. Reports that the time said even the WWE crew wondered how a Today show announcer could screw it up. It seemed more to do with WWE’s partnership with NBC than anything adding to the show or even a reason from the fans to care.

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