10 Incredibly, Impossibly Annoying Movie Sidekicks Of All Time

A sidekick is often meant to add comedic value where there is none. The character could provide hilarity in the middle of the great drama. It gives the main character somebody to react to. Some of the great movie scenes of our time involve well-known actors reacting to a special moment from a sidekick. Then there’s that moment when the sidekick is just truly annoying. These are those top ten moments.

David Levinson – Independence Day

David has the all-knowing brain power to somehow save the world in this 1996 flick. He comes up with the plan to send the revamped alien vessel back into the mother ship. He’s one of those annoyingly smart tech guys who know way too much yet still never did anything with it until he saves the world. His warnings to the government seem like whining more than smart advice.

Willie Scott – Indiana Jones

Willie never took Indiana Jones seriously. She finds out just how tough his life actually is. Kate Capeshaw portrays Jones quite well. It might be annoyingly over the top. She ends up making the mission tougher for Jones than it has to be. She loses his gun. She sprays elephants with perfume. She also thinks she’s irresistible. It all adds up to frustration for the viewer and empathy for Jones.

Mini-Me – Austin Powers

Mini-Me might be the most annoying sidekick of all. He only stands to mimic the actions of Dr. Evil. He shadows every move. Verne Troyer brought fame to the clone character of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers. Mini-Me even has an annoying sidekick pet named Mini-Mr. Bigglesworth. Mini-Me is 1/8 the size of Dr. Evil.

Prince Tarn – Red Sonja

Ernie Reyes, Jr. plays Prince Tarn in the 1985 action flick. Tarn seems incapable of defending himself as soon as he is introduced. Sonja finds him being tortured by bandits. The good Prince is laughable as someone who could potentially protect a future kingdom.

Leo Getz – Lethal Weapon 2-4

Leo just never shuts up. Joe Pesci is purposefully annoying in the Lethal Weapon series as a Private Investigator who talks to himself when others get tired of listening. Getz is the guy you might bring along to the party but want to ditch after further thought.

Bejamin Buford “Bubba” – Forrest Gump

Forrest needed a best friend during the Vietnam War. Mykelti Williamson plays “Bubba” well and has annoying lines like “shrimp is the fruit of the sea.” Engaged in a shootout, Bubba advises Forrest to run. Forrest leaves Bubba only to return to find him dying. Forrest ends up going into the shrimp business after the war. It was Bubba’s dream to have that business but he dies in the arms of Gump.

Steve Stifler – American Pie Series

Stifler was much of the juvenile comedy behind American Pie. He even called himself the “Stifmeister.” He ends up having explosive diarrhea, drinking beer with semen in it and finding out another classmate is having an affair with his mom. Each time Stifler gives that annoying look he could only give. Funny at first, it eventually wears annoyingly thin.

“Jinx” Jordan Die Another Day

With a name like “Jinx” you knew she had to be annoying. Halle Berry looks great in a Bond movie. Her character was less than admirable. She didn’t provide anything extra to a movie that needed it. Jordan wasn’t handed great lines either. She rattled off “Yo Mama” during the course of the film.

Ruby Rhod – The Fifth Element

The famous host of a radio show was over the top annoying in The Fifth Element. Chris Tucker sports the oddest hairdo and clothes. He was gender bender before Hollywood seemed to accept it. The character still certainly distracts from an otherwise visual movie. Bruce Willis seems like he might bust out laughing at any point when Rhod appears during the scene. Fans might not know whether to laugh, cry or just be annoyed when Rhod comes on screen.

Alicia Silverstone – Batgirl in Batman & Robin

Alicia Silverstone didn’t do the movie any favors by her appearances in Batman & Robin. She was Barbara Wilson and Batgirl. The campy movie wasn’t very good, to begin with. The costume she wore had bat nipples. The plot seemed to stir around her annoyingly bad choices. Silverstone admitted recently she would make a much better Batgirl these days.

These are ten of the most annoying sidekicks Hollywood has ever seen in the film. Some terrific actors have been unfortunate to be cast in roles where they ultimately never had a shot. The writing was equally as bad in some of these flicks. The fortunate thing about being so annoying is at least the actors and actresses were definitely memorable.

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