Three tips to improve your Computer's Performance

It is a problem many of us face, whether it is at work, working on school work, or even just cruising the internet in our spare time. That big PC you are sitting at that once ran smoothly without any problems now slows down, reboots, or just shuts itself off with no discernible reason and just seems to tick you off.

Of course, it’s a problem that advertisers are aware of that many people face almost all the time. They want you to fork over bundles of money for the software that they claim with be there miracle cure and get your computer running like the dream machine it was when you first bought the thing way back when. They swear you’ll be running that thing at a faster pace than ever before and you’ll be doing a bazillion things in no time because their product works better than anyone else’s and wants you to pay for it.

But you aren’t doomed to shell out your hard earned money over gizmos and computer programs to help fix hiccups and slowdowns that come up on your personal computer. So here are a few tips I’ve found that can go a long way to improving your computer’s performance and not only save money but your sanity as well.


Yup. Seems simple, but it’s true. Clean out your computer. All those programs you have leave waste info, all those files that are saved, all that clutter does actually have an effect on running things and can get in the way of running your system with the speed and ease you want.

Many systems already come with programs to help you do this like Windows Disk Clean up and things like that to help you scrub out old files, temp files, and program backups that you did not make or even know you had. If you are the type that saves a lot from the net, be it either pictures, movies, or whatever else, clean that stuff up too. If you have the money or find a bargain, find a new place to put that kind of stuff (external memory or if you have a burner drive to burn things too) or just delete them completely. After a round of this and a good reboot, you might just see an improvement.


Had this one pop up a few times myself. Now, it may sound intimidating if you aren’t the type that physically tinkers with the PC, but sometimes it’s what on the outside that can affect what goes on with your PC’s computing. So if you ever pop off the side or metal cover to your PCs tower and it looks like something recovered from the Titanic it is time to give it some care.

But before to spend oodles of money to hand your PC over to someone else for god knows how long to do this, there are things you can do yourself. It can be scary, but if you take it slow and don’t get too aggressive, even just spraying off the PC’s insides (graphics cards and the fans) with some canned pressured air and softly wiping off the dust inside your PC (unplug it first!) with a clean electronics cloth can do a lot in getting things back up to speed. A light touch will do wonders.

Virus Scan

Seems like a simple solution but it also helps keep things running. Besides the really nasty stuff that has someone else running your system without your knowledge, a good virus scan can also clean out advertising, malware, and other such nasty things that will start building up after a while.

The cool thing is there are many free places and services you can use that do that very thing. Windows comes with Windows Defender if you have that setup. There are also things like Avast, Adaware, and Malware Bytes that after a good scan can help clean all that cybergunk out of your PC’s system. The thing is often times running more than one virus scan on the same PC isn’t a great idea either so no matter how you find one, stick with it and don’t overload with your virus scan programs or else that can be just as much of a problem.

It may not sound like much, but these three simple ways you can do yourself, with little or even no money, can help your computer run a whole lot better and save you a ton of change instead of putting you out all of your cash or wasting your time.


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