Thanksgiving and what you make of it.

Sometimes it is just best to make your own traditions

It is late November and for us in the United States, it is time for Thanksgiving. That time of year where we are blasted with images of native Americans and pilgrims sharing large tables filled with all kinds of food and cooked Turkey. And a lot of that is more for show and presentation than the truth, though. As time goes on, more people and finding that image has been crafted over the years by people trying to sell you something, or people trying to craft an image for the holiday more than what actually happened. It’s tradition. And sometimes people spend to much time trying to keep up an image of what they think “Is supposed to be” more than actually getting to the heart of what we are celebrating and why are we doing it.

I'm guessing this is not historically accurate

But in that same breath, Why not create some tradition of your own?

The traditional thinking is spending time around a kitchen table with your family. Almost like a Norman Rockwell painting. That may be heartwarming but it is also covering up a lot of what is really going on. This thought also gave the idea of relatives who can’t stand each other having to be together and swallow their thoughts of people they normally don’t like along with helpings of turkey and mashed potatoes.

CLASSIC Rockwell

But that doesn’t mean you have to do the same.


For a lot of people, the old idea is being forgone for Friendsgiving. Getting together with your friends and sitting down to a meal of whatever. For friends that have no place to go or no one to go home to on the holiday, it is a way of bringing them along and celebrating them. It isn’t so much about what you have on the table, but how much it means to everyone. That kind of thinking seems to be more of what the holiday means. People can celebrate it however they wish, but if you want to get literal on the name, you are giving thanks to those you have around you. Not forcing thanks to keep up with the image.

People are also creating their own image of what is on the table instead of living up to that image created long ago. I don’t think this family has cooked a turkey is YEARS, it is more like smaller chickens. I’m more of a stuffing man anyway. But who says it even has to be a bird at all? I have vegetarian friends that go with Tofurkey and that works for them. Make the holiday mean something to you and if you are cooking, do whatever you want!

I also have a friend that works during this time and a Thanksgiving dinner to him is a big sub sandwich split amongst the others he works with. If you can find a place that will make that kind of thing happen, who is to say you can’t do the same thing? Job related or not.

No matter what you plan on doing, whether it is freshly made, delivered, or bought at the store if you believe in any sort of holiday with Thanksgiving, make it special for yourself no matter where it is. You don’t have to do anything to make it special, but give it the thought that it is.

There is also the thought of what else to do on the day besides eat. The classic image of passing out during a football game comes to mind with that. But like everything else, you do not have to. I don’t even pay attention to football until it’s playoffs time anyway.

Thanksgiving Football

I have worked Thanksgiving getting things ready for Black Friday. Some people have got to pay the bills and work during the holiday. If you got to, make the best of it. Do what you can do. If you don’t, do something you want to do. Video game, Board game, heck, if you don’t have any ideas, grab a deck of cards and play a version of solitaire And if you were kept up all night, get some sleep in you can.

A lot of places may be closed, and you may not have the gathering that matches the images places like to show everyone this time of year, but still make something of it if you have the feeling. If the traditional image is not in the cards for you, draw your own!

No matter what it is to you, have a good day!


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