How to Build Your Pool for the Best Possible Safety

A swimming pool could be the perfect addition to your home to help make those hot summer days more bearable, but it’s no quick fix – plenty of work is needed before your pool is ready for swimming, and safety precautions need to be considered at every turn. Once you have an idea of what you want the pool to look like and how much it will cost – keeping in mind that some shapes are more complex (and therefore more expensive) than others – there are a few crucial steps to ensuring a safe and stable finished product.

Get your permits in order

Before you start digging or building, it’s crucial that you get your hands on a government building permit. The permit is more than just written permission to construct the pool – it also provides detailed instructions for the construction team to follow which will help ensure everything is built to specifications. You may also need an electrical permit, but this is something your electrician can likely organize on your behalf.

Choose the right pool location

During the planning process, make sure the proposed location of the pool is suited to your backyard and take any additional renovations into consideration. A safe pool means a fence clear of anything a child could use to climb over it – trees or small structures, for example.

Shape and support the pool

This is one of the most important steps in the process, and your building permit is a crucial part of navigating any utility lines or pipes under the ground and avoiding costly errors. First, the ground will need to be levelled and graded in order to ensure evenness and create a floor shape in line with your building permit. The walls will then be framed with steel supports, creating the base for the shape of your pool.

Don’t skimp on plumbing and electrical standards

Before your pool can take shape, it will need water circulation and filtration systems installed by a professional plumber. These essential drains and pumps will be important for filling or emptying the pool, as well as circulating water throughout. In order to power the filtration system, it will also require electrical work by a qualified electrician. This step is crucial for general pool safety, as a large body of water won’t go well with poorly-done electrical work.

Build a strong foundation

Once all of the wiring and plumbing has been completed, you’re free to apply the material you’ve chosen to form the base of your pool. Concrete is the most popular choice and the strongest, most durable option, although using an alternative like fibreglass or vinyl will significantly lower your costs. Fibreglass is popular for reducing costs, particularly as foundations made of fibreglass often come pre-made and ready to be set into the excavated space, although you should still have a professional complete the installation.

Install your fence

You’re legally required to install a pool fence as soon as your pool has been built and filled, and to maximise the effectiveness of your fence, nothing beats a self-latching gate, but there are several essential regulatory standards to be aware of. The latch should be at least 1.8 metres off the ground, and gaps between the fence rails should be no larger than 10 centimetres. Most importantly, make sure to never to leave anything lying around which could be used to climb over the fence.

Treat the water

Once your pool has been filled, it can be tempting to dive straight in, but it’s important to add the right balance of chemicals to the water first in order to prevent swimmers from developing infections. You should test your pool water for nutrients like chlorine and pH levels a few times each week, whilst others like salt, alkalinity and calcium can be tested less regularly.

A swimming pool can add value to any home, but the only way to ensure long-lasting benefits is to avoid cutting corners and take every step with care. Hiring the right professional help will go a long way to help you avoid trouble and navigate any unexpected challenges, a small expense when measured against the endless hours of fun to be had in your new swimming pool.

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