Five Cool Things To Do with Bamboo Material

Bamboo stem material has a calm color tone that blends well with its smooth, natural texture. The material is also flexible in nature, and highly durable.

As such, bamboo stems can be fashioned into various bespoke items.

From large tubular stems to delicate small sticks, this beautiful organic material can fit well into the design of any exterior and interior spaces

Here are five tips on how to put that bamboo material to good use in your home.

Protect your floors and carpets using bamboo chair mats

With bamboo, you get much better noise absorption from rolling office chairs. Rolling office chairs are increasingly becoming the common standard for office furniture.

These chairs often increase the wear and tear of floors and carpets, when used regularly.

Chair mats do more than just protecting your floor from the rolling chairs’ damage. These bamboo-made mats also make your chair rolling movement easy.

The smooth surfaces allow your chair to roll with ease and therefore you don’t have to strain your legs when rolling around.

Use bamboo screens or room dividers to separate your indoor and outdoor spaces

Have you ever fancied showering outdoors in the safety of a bamboo screen in the hot Summer season?

This is the best season to enjoy your outdoor living areas such as the swimming pool area or gardens.

Bamboo dividers or screens play an architectural and decorative function that allows you to divide and create outdoor and indoor spaces for various uses.

These freestanding crafts can be fashioned in various décor styles, which may include traditional, modern, Asian-inspired, and tropical styles.

Distinctly woven patterns with richly hewn frames add a lot of visual appeal to bamboo screens that can be folded to fit into different spaces.

Apart from acting as a visual screen, you can be sure that the dividers will also reduce noise from outside the partitioned areas because with bamboo you get much better noise absorption.

Cut thick bamboo stems into hollow pieces to host plants

Nature often calls to nature, and this is why bamboo stems act as perfect planters for potted plants.

Ornamental plants used to decorate both indoor and outdoor spaces often need planters or containers that hold the soil to provide anchorage for the plants.

Such containers need to be durable and aesthetically appealing. Thick bamboo sticks can be cut and made into hollow containers that host plants perfectly.

As planters, bamboo stems are waterproof, and they are lightweight and thus portable and easy to handle. In addition, they are durable, and they give your ornamental plant display a rustic look.

Add bamboo napkin rings to your table arrangement for the rustic appeal

Bamboo can also be used in the kitchen and dining tables to serve different purposes. For instance, it can be used to fashion table mats as well as napkin rings that can beautify your dinner table.

All you need to prepare your natural and smooth napkin rings is a 2-inch diameter bamboo stem with a box and miter saw as well as a painter’s tape and a drill with an a 1.5-inch paddle bit.

You can do this as a Do It Yourself project. Firstly, mark 2-inch sections on your bamboo stem, then cut these using a miter saw.

Thereafter, drill through the cut bits to remove the fiber and create a hollow space.

Finally, you can finish the rings by giving them a smooth filing, which will give them a smooth texture.

Create durable outdoor furniture and fixtures using flexible bamboo sticks

Bamboo sticks can also serve numerous purposes in the creation of various outdoor furniture and fixtures.

For instance, you can use it to create a garden bamboo bench or garden swing for your kids.

You may also design planter boxes for outdoor gardening, which you can use to cultivate your culinary spices.

The same boxes can also serve as perfect water-resistant beehives for the lovers of insects and honey.

Bottom line

Bamboo is a versatile plant species. From DIY bath mats to room screens and chair mats as well as planters and bamboo napkin rings, the items that you can make from bamboo wood are limitless.

Why don’t you give it a try?



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