Amazing DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Friends

Finding the best gift for your best friend can be a challenging task. Not only do you have family and friends to worry about, but if you live in a friendly block then you may want to send them something for the upcoming holidays. And if you have children, that includes the teachers as well. Christmas is all about shopping for the dearest, but don’t worry if you can’t afford to go out and buy them what they really deserve. DIY ideas can be ideal and can make the holiday season extra special. Think how your best friends would be moved if they know you put so much effort and time into their gift.

We rounded up some interesting and very creative DIY Christmas gifts that you can make easily and quickly at home, without breaking the bank.

Reindeer Rootbeer

A six pack of beer can be a perfect present for your friend. You can make a gorgeous and Christmas inspired Reindeer pack by wrapping brown pipe cleaners around the tops of the bottles and twisting smaller pieces around to make antlers. You can add googly eyes and pom poms.

Christmas Oven Mitts

If your friend loves cooking, you can think about jazzing up a boring pair of oven gloves with a bit of colorful and patterned fabric and your sewing skills. To make such a gift you will need a pair of simple oven mitts and a sewing kit. Check some Christmas ideas on Net to get inspired. 

Chalkboard Mugs

A mug can be a magnificent Christmas gift idea for your friend. There are so many ways to enhance the simple porcelain mugs, but the idea with chalkboard paint is my favorite. No painting and drawing skills are required. You only need a porcelain mug, painter’s tape, chalkboard paint that works well with porcelain and a watercolor brush.

Before you start, make sure your mug is clean and dry. Use the tape to mask off the part of the mug that you want to stay white. You have an option to paint the whole mug. Apply the chalkboard paint using a soft brush. When you are done remove the tape carefully. Let the paint dry for 24 hours, then bake it for 35 min at 300 F. Remember that is better to chalk up the mug before you fill it with a hot beverage.

Chalkboard Coasters

You can also turn the simple coasters into gorgeous chalkboard accessories for your coffee table. All you need are coasters, chalkboard paint and a brush. Make sure your coasters are clean and dry before painting them. Be creative and neatly package them as a cute gift.


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