10 Awesome Adam Savage Projects

Adam Savage is the closest many of us will ever see in a mad genius. The former co-host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel not only can make just about anything from anything, but he will show you how and revel in the results. Even though he is not on weekly television anymore, it hasn’t stopped his creative spirit as he has been building different projects as part of the Tested.com website. So for all you creative and handy people, or are just amazed at the creative spirit in action, here are ten of Adam’s best projects and builds.

Desk Light

How are you able to build anything if you can’t see what you’re doing? Adam puts together an ultra maneuverable lamp for your workspace. Not only does he show putting this together, but also shows that creativity is not always linear either and sometimes you have to backtrack just a little bit to make sure everything comes out okay.

Tool Storage

The picture we have of Adam sitting in a workshop hidden away from the world doesn’t seem that far off from the truth, at least part of the time. So if you are going to work in a workshop you need to be able to get to your tools and bits quickly and with ease. This video shows how Adam does that very thing on a nearly daily basis to create his projects.

His House

One of Adam’s more unusual projects was he got the schematics and a lot of foam core and actually made a 3D model of the house he grew up in. The ultimate drafting project and as someone who did a similar project back in my drafting class days of high school, one I kind of have an appreciation for. He does a way better job of it than I ever did though, that’s for sure!



Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Excalibur Sword!

Using the skills he learned from Weta Workshop’s master swordsmith Peter Lyon, Adam takes on a One Day Build project he’s been waiting to do his entire life: make King Arthur’s sword from Excalibur! Follow along with Adam’s journey to build a full suit of King Arthur armor, this fall on Tested.com and VRV: https://vrv.co/tested Shot and edited by Joey Fameli Subscribe for more videos!

Adam loves movies and movie props. He loves collecting the real thing but also loves making his own. Although he’s not known for getting into sword duels with folks, he is really handy at making them and making them look amazing. Here he tackles a movie prop from the 1981 movie.

Puppy Car Seat

And sometimes you just have to take a project and do things yourself. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of Invention.” and here Adam finds a clever way to move his canine family members around and not tear the crap out of his car. Adam also shows that sometimes the best thing you make also helps out others, even if they can only give you a shake and a lick on the face as a Thank You.

A Puppet

As someone who grew up in the time of the Muppett Show and whose father worked as an animator for Sesame Street back in the day, I’m sure Adam had an incredible time with this one. Here he visits someone else’s lab to see how these are made and helps in creating one of his own. If there is a dream project a lot of us would want, this would probably be it.

Star Trek Captain’s Chair

Another dream project for a lot of Sci-fi fans if there was enough space. Besides just making a dream come true and furniture making as well, this project also shows some of what goes into programming electronics to do what you want to make a project even cooler.

A Box for his Beaver

Sounds a lot dirtier than it really is. In another more unusual project he has done, he actually makes a homemade carrying case for a little friend of his that he takes with him on some of his touring spots. Adam does so with presentation as well as portability in mind and shows what you can do for your own taxidermied rodent.

Blade Runner Gun and Case

Remember what I said about Adam and movie props? One of his foremost props is Dekker’s blaster from the Sci-Fi epic Blade Runner. He has not only done a video about the creation of the prop itself but also bringing his love of Sci-fi and making boxes together to make an amazing home for his prop creation.


Adam loves to cosplay and many times has shown his love for it as well as hiding “incognito” at the local anime and comic conventions. Not only to show off his amazing handy work in these projects but also to join in the fun of the other attendees of all ages.


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