Say “Hello” To The World’s First Native Blockchain Phone HTC Exodus

The blockchain technology took its time to mature, but now that more and more businesses in various industries are finding uses for the technology, blockchain has caught fire. If small-scale businesses enabling themselves to compete against their giant rival by using blockchain wasn’t enough, HTC’s Exodus will take blockchain’s popularity to the next level.

The technology giant is taking a huge leap into the crypto world, blockchain ecosystem, to be precise. HTC revealed Exodus on Tuesday this week. The company claimed it to be the world’s first native blockchain phone. The Android smartphone will be optimized especially to support decentralized applications based on the raging crypto technology.

HTC also announced that the smartphone will be featuring a dedicated hardware design that focuses on the security of the smartphone, enabling users to access the universal cryptocurrency wallet which will also be featured exclusively in this device. Moreover, the smartphone also supports interoperability and supports various protocols related to crypto technologies.

Phil Chen, one of the major helping hand for HTC in developing HTC Vive, will be leading the development of the smartphone. The newly titled “Chief Decentralized Officer” will be leading all of the blockchain and other cryptocurrency-related projects.

Chen expressed his views about the project in his blog post by stating that the team is very excited to offer support of underlying protocols including Bitcoin, Etherium, and Lightning Networks through the native blockchain smartphone. Phil Chen also said that he is interested in supporting the blockchain ecosystem and will be announcing more partnerships within the next few months which will work on developing the best decentralized application experience for the customers.

Phil Chen further explained his intentions in his post which are mainly about allowing the users to truly own their data. Chen says that he wants to see a world where the customers should be the sole owners of their data (such as browsing histories, messaging, emails, identity, and wallets) without any central authority tapping into it. Chen admitted that it will take a lot of efforts in achieving this dream but the team is excited about it. Finally, Phil Chen also told that the tailor-made mobile hardware layer will play a key role in achieving this dream.

The smartphone manufacturing giant – and now virtual reality gear leader also – has not revealed the price for the Exodus till now. However, one thing that the company hinted towards is that the company may provide options to pay for the smartphone via cryptocurrencies. Also, HTC is not the only smartphone manufacturer that is making extra efforts towards creating blockchain-optimized smartphones. Sirin Labs is also planning to release Finney – a blockchain-powered smartphone – in the start of the third quarter of 2018. Sirin Labs have set the price tag of Finney at $1,000.


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