Female Investors In Cryptocurrencies Have Doubled In Last Six Month

The UK’s London Block Exchange recently conducted a market research on the involvement and interest of women in the world cryptocurrencies. The research concluded that one in every eight women are interested towards investing in cryptocurrencies. This figure makes up to 13% of all women, which is a big improvement when compared to the last year’s mere 6%.

The research also shows that the percentage of women interested in cryptocurrency is being held because of the older population of the subject pool. People who reached young adulthood before the 21st century are lesser interested in cryptocurrencies. The millennials, however, are a completely different story. According to the research, one woman in every five women of this generation has the tendency to invest in cryptocurrencies at some point. This number is an all-time best as it shows that women involved in this digital world have doubled in numbers in just half a year.

Agnes de Roeyer, one of the senior business analysts at the London Block Exchange and a stakeholder in the mentioned research, said that the typical opinion about cryptocurrencies is that it’s only for men to play. De Roeyer then carried on to say that there is ample evidence that this isn’t true; that there are hundreds of signups on their platform that are female users; and that some of the leading investors in the industry are female.

Of course, London Block Exchange isn’t the only one who is concerned about the level of involvement of women in the cryptocurrency world. Three women were recently distinguished by The BlockShow Europe: Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard, Gina Contrino, and Manon Burgel.

City A.M. also had their conclusions about the matter. They reported that women are less likely to think strategically about their investments in cryptocurrencies and that they also are less likely to regret missing out on this hype train. The news firm also recognized the lifestyle distinction of men and women. Men are usually more inclined towards making their decisions on their own while women usually seek the help of family and friends before making the decision.

One thing that you may find funny about all this is that if the number of females has doubled in just six months, why doesn’t it show in the real count? A number of different firms have analyzed the audience of cryptocurrencies and their stakeholders and men have been in a ridiculously huge majority in almost every single one of these reports. The answer is quite simple: it is very easy to double a smaller number.

Think of it this way: addition of 100 in 1000 is barely close to being double, but the addition of 100 in 100 results in double the initial value. True, the involvement of women in the crypto world has increased drastically in the past six months, but it will still take some time for women to embrace these technologies and actually become a considerable part of the world.

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