Your First Steps after Graduating College

Graduating college is such an exciting moment, but there is so much more to come after that moment is done. It is the time you are starting your career or going to university. Many college graduates are confused about what to do after college and it is completely understandable. There is so much advice on how to get into college, but not so much on the days, months and years after. You have so many options available to you that you might not have considered. Here is a list of some of the things you might want to get into after you graduate college.

Go to University

Of course, to the level headed person, the first step would be to go to University. You have your statement of purpose graduate school ready and the world is your oyster. Just remember that getting into University is not the same as getting into college. You might have to put in some more hard work, but nothing is ever impossible. Just make sure that you choose the right curse, because this is going to determine your future, more than anything else.

Do freelancing

After you finish college, you might want to take some time off to breathe. Many of us still need to make some money though and freelancing is a great choice. You still have your freedom, but you make an income to help you pay the rent. It really does not matter what you choose to freelance in, as long as there is some money coming in. You can look into becoming a nanny, dog walker, writer or graphic designer. If you have a passion for photography, ask your friends if you could shoot their weddings, birthdays or graduation picture. It is all about being creative and you do not have to know how to do a format statement of purpose for this job.

Pursue your passions

You know that a real job is waiting for you at the end of the line, but you do not have to face that reality just yet. After years of being a student, perhaps it is time to take care of yourself and pursue your passions. What is something you always wanted to do? Go and volunteer at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter, or take that writing course you always wanted to but never had the time for. Forget about the format statement of purpose for a while and do what you always dreamt of doing. IF that means traveling the world for one year, then do that.


There is no need to rush into a job after you finish college, which seems like the logical thing to do. If you can afford to, you should take this time to enjoy your freedom. There will be enough time to chase your career after this time is done, so for now, take a breather. If you cannot afford it financially, look into the freelancing options, which is what most people are striving for right now. You can also start an online business, which allows you to earn money and still have your freedom.


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