What New Academic Programs Are on Offer for Foreign Students in Singapore

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to gain a lot of knowledge on other cultures. Every year, tons of students flock to other parts of the world to discover new opportunities after studies. Singapore is definitely one of the better choices students can make because of the great academic programs. There are tons of opportunities to study in Singapore and it has proven to be one of the best places to go and study abroad.

You should start with preparing a smu personal statement and prepare for life in another country. It will take some time getting used to another culture, but luckily for foreigners, it is an easy transition in this beautiful piece of paradise. Finding a good academic program to start with is always a challenge for students. Luckily, this place does not disappoint when it comes to options.

Double Degrees

One of the best programs that Singapore has to be one where you can finish two degrees at the same time. This does require a lot of commitment and hard work, but imagine killing two birds with one stone. You can always find assignment help and end your 3 years with two different directions or options. There are not a lot of countries who offer this type of program, so it is huge part of the decision making process.

Part-Time Programs

Many students study abroad because they want to explore and have an adventure. Having the opportunity to study part-time is always a bonus. You will need to be focused when you are studying, but there are so many moments when you can just enjoy this journey. If you are doing it to explore and get out of your comfort zone, this is definitely the place to consider going. Singapore also do not disappoint tourists with all that it has to offer.

Design Programs

One of the more interesting academic programs that Singapore has to offer is their design program. This can range from architecture to real estate. You want to apply early to get direct school admission because it is a popular program. Many students travel all the way to this part of the world for this program.

Science Programs

You are in the right place if you are a hopeful scientist or mathematician. The variety of programs in this area of study is incredible. Also, these programs are recognised worldwide and offers great opportunities after studies are complete. You might even find employment in Singapore if you complete this program. Students take on these kind of explorations because it does not only help them academically, but also socially.


There are no short-cuts on the road to success, but you can have fun on the way there. Singapore is a great place to live in and study as a foreign student. There is such a rich culture in this place that it is different from every other place in the world. You can also attempt learning a new language while there, which is always a great show off when you get back home. People underestimate the value of going beyond your comfort zone. Many companies are also more likely to hire students who have had the opportunity to study abroad. Either way, you win.

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