Ways to increase creativity for a blogger

One of the necessary things that a writer must have is creativity. Any blogger must have creativity in order to write unique and interesting materials that would make his or her readers to want to read more. Although there can be some moments when creativity just can’t be found anywhere, a blogger must not stop writing and trying to find those creative juices.

Here are some tips as to how a blogger can increase his or her creativity in times when inspiration is nowhere to be found.

1. Write through the voice of someone else. Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and try to write from that person’s perspective.

2. If a blogger can’t seem to think of a good opening line, just think of five words and write them down on a piece of paper. Write five more. Add more words until they form a sentence. It does not have to make sense at first.

3. Carry a notebook everywhere. Sometimes creativity and inspiration strikes in the most unusual places and moments. By the way, you can tell your main ideas for article to one of writers from https://blablawriting.com for creating an awesome post for you, and for college, of course!

4. Spend time with kids. If the blogger has his or her own kids, allot a few hours each day to spend time with them. Or with their friend’s kids. The little ones can inspire creativity in adults.

5. Take breaks. Writing continuously would tire the eyes and mind out and kill creativity.

6. Think about scenarios that are far-fetched. Like waking up in a totally exotic land or some ancient castle, think about what-ifs. Creativity needs to be used regularly.

7. Count and acknowledge the blessings received. Happiness encourages creativity. The happier the blogger is, the more creativity would flow from him or her. You can find here some information for new ideas.

8. Identify a motive to finish something in a creative way. The motive must be compelling and it must drive one’s self to summon all the creativity and resourcefulness within.

9. Clean up the working space. Some writers and artists might claim to have messy desks but once they start working and doing their art, they clear it off so they can focus well on their craft.

10. When a blogger experiences some difficulty in writing or lack of creativity, he or she can take a moment for one’s self and do something that usually makes him or her happy and inspire creativity–like watching a movie of the Marx brothers, having a cup of nice coffee or a bottle of beer, going out for a nice walk, or putting on one’s favorite music and playing it out loud.

11. Open a book or search the Internet for thought provoking images and lines that could arouse creativity.

12. Go to an art gallery and experience the creativity and art of other artists.

13. Embrace the inner grouch once in a while. Instead of wallowing into depression or fear and not writing, use those negative feelings as materials for a blog entry, but do not write directly. Express it through a few lines of poetry, as a lyrics to a song, or a visual art.

14. Start fooling around with friends. Forget all the formalities and the 12 sized fonts and the linear flow of posts. Invite creativity, type random words, scribble, sing, dance, be random, unleash all the energy and the thoughts that are being kept inside.

15. Avoid logical thinking. Most of the time, logic blocks creativity. Forget the standard, anyone can make their own rules. A blogger must remember that innovation happened because people dared to do things that were not done before.

16. Let go of the fear of mistakes. Try out that idea, go write that article about why alien and zombie movies sell and its connection to politics and government, start the review of that Martin Scorsese film that was recently released–forget about the mistakes that can be done. Just try them out, who knows, they might work. What’s the worst that could happen to a blogger who had some few mistakes in his or her blog posts?

17. A blogger can choose to view his or her life from a stranger’s point of view and think of the powerful and special moments–savor every detail in creativity and translate it to writing.

18. Creativity is also hindered by the lack of willpower. Stop sulking into the corner. A blogger must make up his or her mind to write and do it.

19. Set achievable targets. A blogger may want to be popular that his or her blog would reach the first page of Google, a blogger who writes about wrestling might want to use his or her blog in order to meet CM Punk in person, a blogger might want to make thousands of dollars by getting paid in writing blog entries–there are many reasons why a blogger writes and there are also various end goals. However, these must be achievable and challenge the creativity of the blogger.

20. A blogger must identity the time of the day when his or her personal creativity is at its peak. For most writers and artists, it is in the evening until past midnight, however this really varies depending on the blogger. The time of creativity could be at any point of the day, like maybe after showering in the morning, before lunch, around sunset, or midnight onward. Knowing the time of the day when the creativity of the blogger works best will allow him or her to make the most of it and produce good outputs.

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