Top Online Research Resources For College Students

Most of the time, college requires a lot of research. Professors will ask you to do plenty of it, so be prepared to spend hours on the internet. The old-fashioned visiting the library way is now usually switched with online browsing. This is the main reason why all college students need to know more about the best online research sources. All of the sites above are huge databases with millions of useful information in many different areas. Next time you need to find an article, feel free to use these options.


Questia is one of the best, student-approved online research resources there are. This site has over 94,000 academic books and 14 million newspaper articles, magazine, and periodicals in their database. Here you can find literally anything you need. The search is very advanced, so there is no chance that you’ll miss the article that you’re looking for. Students of all ages should try Questia. Another huge advantage is that you can actually highlight parts of the text that you need. The number of topics and fields that this online digital library has is really impressive. If you ever need to find citations for the article that you’re looking for, the site offers that option as well. Most of the texts are for free, but you can also subscribe for a monthly or yearly membership.


Forget about all the other useless sites you’ve been visiting. ResearchGate will be your new favorite. This is a very interesting social network, meant for students, professors, and scientists. The growing community counts over 10 million members and gives access to an even larger number of researchers and their work. It works in a very interesting way. The best thing about ResearchGate is that you can actually communicate with the members and ask questions. You will get answers, which makes everything so much easier. The topics are once again very diverse and from all possible fields of life.

Digital History

If you ever need information on American history, Digital History is the place to find it. This is one of the most commonly used online research resources by college students. It contains so many articles, documents, and publications, that you’ll be surprised. You’ll also find things such as gravestones, court documents, letters, newspaper articles, which is really amazing. There are plenty of media files that include both sound and visual elements. Since Digital History is a real source for historians of all ages, you can also ask questions. There are professionals on the site that will give you the right answers. So whatever you’re looking for, the chances are you’ll find it here.

Project Gutenberg

This is officially the biggest database of free books on the internet. And it is not only meant for book lovers. The name of Project Gutenberg was inspired by the inventor of the movable type printer. It has over 39,000 texts and 20,000 books. All of them are free. These books are with an expired copyright, which means they are not brand new and from recent years. This is one of the factors why the site is perfect for college students. They will be able to find everything they need for their studies since Project Gutenberg has numerous classics. If the book you’re looking for is not there, the database will suggest other free networks that have it. There is no need to visit the library if you can go online. And, what’s even better you can download everything you need to your phone, laptop or an e-reader.

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