Top 7 Quick Wins to Boost Your Scholarship Chances

Theprocess of getting a scholarship is stressful because you have tocompete with lots of other applicants. And why wouldn’t it be?After high school, students plan to continue their education, andgetting a scholarship is a pleasant and sometimes necessary bonus onehas to fight for. 

Whenit comes to applying for a scholarship, the competition is reallyfierce. Nearlyall students qualify for federal aid, and 85% are getting somekind of scholarship. But it’s also known that 20% of the studentsapplying for a scholarship, fail to submit their applications or dropout of the competition for some other reason. 

Sohow can you stand out and boost your scholarship chances? 

Hereare 7 quick wins that work all the time. 

Winningtip #1: Thorough planning and time management

Whenapplying for a scholarship, following the guidelines is crucial,especially when it comes to time limits. So before you start anypreparations for submitting necessary documents, you should work outthe time limits you have for each milestone. 

Thetrick is toset self-imposed deadlines and keep them urgent. Here are sometips how to make this work every time:

  • Takeit seriously. Makethe deadlines you’ve set your routine until you’re finished witheach milestone and ready to submit everything and apply for ascholarship. 

  • Workwith colors. Ifyou’re trying too hard to keep up with self-imposed deadlines, andstill can’t make yourself stick to them, highlight the deadlineswith different colors. Red, for example, makes us perceive somethingas urgent, and green implies that we still have some time. 

  • Makesure that you use every single day.If the final deadline hasn’t come yet, and you’ve alreadyfinished everything, use the free time to check and re-check all theapplications and essays. 

Winningtip #2: Patience is a lost art

Somethingmay always go not the way you expected. You may make a mistake inyour application or miss the deadline. The process of applying for ascholarship is very stressful, but try not to flip out. 

Onyour way to applying for a scholarship, coping with stress is asimportant, as submitting everything in time. Here are some of thetips howto cope with stress and help yourself relax faster:

  • eata healthy meal;

  • listento a relaxing music;

  • gofor a walk;

  • makesure that you get enough sleep.

Winningtip #3: Proofreading

“Thebiggest mistakes students make when applying for a scholarship isskipping on proofreading”, says Anne Johnson, an educator“This is the #1 reason why students fail to get a scholarship.”

Professionalssay that proofreading is an essential step to getting a scholarship.No grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes are acceptable, soproofreading is a cornerstone of your scholarship success. 

Winningtip #4: Answer all the questions

Whenreading the requirements for scholarship essays, you’ve probablystumbled across multilayered essay questions, and answering themrequires a lot of time. But here’s why you should take your timeand give full answers to these questions:

  • byanswering these questions you express yourself and show who youreally are. 

  • Inyour answers, you give the real reason why you need and deserve thescholarship. 

  • Whenanswering these questions, you tell about your experience. 

Sothese are not just some annoying and time-consuming questions.Answering them is crucial to your success. 

Winningtip #5: Know your audience

Inbusiness communication and in everyday life – knowingyour audience is the key to success both at work and in school.When it comes to applying for a scholarship, knowing your audience isvery important. 

Meetingthe needs of your target audience, when applying for a scholarship,is crucial, and you can do it by following all the requirements. Donot overwhelm the admission commission with a massive scholarshipessay and too many details about yourself. By saying less you’retelling more. 

Winningtip #6: Keep your online appearance professional

Admissioncommission members may decide to go through your online profiles tomake sure that you really meet all the requirements. They might alsodo it to make sure that you’re the right person they will be proudto give a scholarship to. So before submitting everything, make surethat your online profiles are flawless. 

Winningtip #7: Be yourself

Tryingto fake something in your admission essay or application will onlyget you to drop out faster. The scholarship committee is interestedin listening to your story, not some made-up bluff to make you lookgood. 

Beingyourself is important, but make sure that you’rethe best version of yourself. Being yourself in a scholarshipessay means admitting your flaws when you’re asked about it, butalso expressing your desire to turn your flaws into your advantages.This will create a great image of you and show that you’re anhonest person. 


Theprocess of applying for a scholarship is all about your personalityand expressing yourself. Don’t forget about that, and you’lldefinitely succeed!

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