Tips To Make Your College Room Feel Like Home

Going away from college is never an easy decision. A lot of kids decide to move hours away from home and live in a completely new area with people they’ve never seen. This can be even harder when they have to share a dorm room with a stranger. It is all a habit, but there certainly are things you can do to feel better. Try some fun ideas that will actually make your college room feel like home. This can be the place where you’ll stay for quite a while, and spend long hours studying, hanging out and sleeping. Tiny details such as decorations, pillows, and rugs can mean a lot. Check out the tips below and get ready to transform your new college room into a cozy living space.

Sleep Is Important

One of the best ways to make your college room feel like home is to have a quality bed. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. Students before going to university were used to the warmth of their own bedroom with a nice bed. That’s why you should always make sure that you get enough sleep and get the most out of your bed. You can do this by simply adding a comfy foam topper that doesn’t cost a whole fortune. Always have clean sheets that smell nice. Last, but not least, bring your pillow from home. Nothing beats a good pillow. A lot of students have a hard time getting used to the one they have on campus, so getting the pillow that you know you love will save you time and sleep.

Lighting Too

A great way to upgrade your space and make a college room feel like home is by adding plenty of lights. In most cases, dorm rooms have bad lighting, which can make you tired and sleepy. Since that’s not an option, make sure that you always get extra sources. Those small lights that you can place over the bed are not enough. You will need a larger source. When you read and study you want all the lighting you can get, instead, your eyes will easily get tired. Think of innovative ways to do this. Cool floor lamps, a new lighting installation on the ceiling, or fun DIY projects that will make your room look even better are all great ideas.

Decorate The Floor

You don’t want to leave the floor empty. If you live with a roommate, you can put some money on the side and get a nice, trendy rug. It will bring warm vibes to the space and make it cozy. It doesn’t have to be a luxury one, you can buy it at Target and still love it. This is a very simple tip, but a very useful one. A lot of college places have a cold, concrete floor that is nothing like the one you’re used to at home. Once you get creative, the rug you buy will become your favorite piece in the room.

Add Fun Vibes To The Walls

You will be surprised at how much a single wallpaper can do for your college room. If you still don’t feel cozy and comfortable enough, do something about the walls. It doesn’t matter if it’s a poster, vibrant wallpaper or pictures from your friends and family. This is the last step, to transform the space into your own little heaven. Some students love bringing flags from their home state, so that’s another way to make things more interesting.

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