Three Ways to Leave A Good Impression on Professors

Every student wants to leave a good impression to the professors at college. And there are so many easy and simple ways to do that. All you have to do is be polite and be interested. Make sure that you don’t overdo it. Check out the tips below, which can turn out to be very helpful during your college life.

Three Ways to Leave A Good Impression on Professors

Be On Time

No one likes people who are late, so throughout the whole semester make sure that you’re on time. Professors really appreciate students who are there before the class starts and pay a lot of attention. You don’t want to interrupt them by barging in the middle of the lecture. It is very impolite, plus if you do it often you can leave a bad impression. That is why you should try to be there at least several minutes earlier and leave after the lecture is completely done. Don’t be the first one to rush to get out of the classroom, because that can also look bad. If you have any questions at all, most professors refer to them right before they start with the new lesson. You can always get your answers, so that’s why you should arrive on time.

Since it can happen to anyone to be late, make sure that when you arrive you are as quiet as possible and respectful. Once the class is done, you can always apologize to the professor and let them know the reason you were late. They will really appreciate that you are sincere and interested in the lectures. Don’t make this a habit and always be present in classes both physically and mentally. All of your efforts will be noticed and it can reflect your final grade. A lot of professors consider both exams, presence, activity on classes and several other factors when deciding on a grade.

Be Active

Being present there is not enough. You also have to be active during lectures. You can’t really fake this part. The college and classes are your choices, so if you’ve already signed up, better make the most out of it. So whenever there is something that you need some assistance with, you can always ask questions. It can be during the lecture, in person during office hours or via email. You will not only understand the material better, but you’ll also leave a good impression with the professors. They will know that you take a lot of interest in the lessons and you pay attention. You shouldn’t be shy at all. Your questions will sometimes even raise a discussion that will make the lecture even more interesting. Plus, the professor will have a better chance to remember you.

Three Ways to Leave A Good Impression on Professors

Sit in Front Row

This is probably the most important tip anyone will ever give you. Sitting in the back doesn’t mean that you’ll leave a bad impression. But if you want to give your professors a better chance of getting to know you, always choose the first row. In order to get a place there, you should arrive on time. Sitting there will only give you a bigger chance to actively participate, ask more questions and show off more often. The professor sees the students in the front rows much better, so the chances are he will remember your face and name much faster. Have your pen and notebook right in front of you, and start making notes of all the important highlights. Your cell phone should be turned off or in a silent mode. Put it in your bag right before the lesson starts.


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