The Best Podcasts For Students You Have To Check Out

While you’re at college, you should use your free time in the best possible way. Even if you have a 10-minute break you can still learn something new. Podcasts are very popular right now. The ones that are best for students are the educational ones. And we made sure to gather all the best podcasts for students that you simply have to hear to see how great they are.

99% Invisible

This is one of the most amazing podcasts for students that is both educational and fun. It is extremely popular, so probably half of your friends are addicted to it. 99% Invisible focuses on literally the things you would never think of. This podcast will give you fantastic information for items, things and everything you meet in the everyday life. We get in touch with so many items and we don’t really think of how they were invented, why we use them or what’s the whole story behind them. Whenever you have free time, make sure that you give this podcast a try. It can be on your way to school or before going to sleep at night. It is available on iTunes,, Spotify and more.

College Info Geek

This is a very cool podcast that helps students in all fields of school and college. Thomas Frank started College Info Geek back in 2013, and since then it has taken the podcast a long way. Today he co-hosts it with Martin Boehme. The two talk and answer any questions that students always dwell over. This podcast will provide you with all the information you need in how to become more productive, how to manage your money, how to prepare for a job interview and so much more. You will find the way they talk very interesting and never boring.

Hardcore History

History is definitely not the most favorite subjects of students. If you don’t have the right teacher and ways to learn about what happened in the past, you will end up hating History. That is why Hardcore History is one of the best podcasts for students. Dan Carlin is the founder of this project. His main goal is to help people of all ages learn about past events in the coolest possible way. He manages to make everything so much more interesting without bothering you with unnecessary information. Learning has never been easier thanks to this podcast. The episodes are long but extremely entertaining. They can sometimes last up to five hours, but they will be worth every second of your time. Dan usually takes his time and does a lot of research before he produces and releases the material. If you want to learn more about the World Wars, the American Revolution, The Reformation, head to Hardcore History.

Grammar Girl

A definite fact is that fewer people pay attention to grammar these days. The education system is becoming worse for some reason, so getting a little help on the side is always a good idea. Grammar Girl is a great podcast for people of all ages, not only students. If you need some extra push when it comes to your grammar skills and knowledge this is the podcast you should turn on. It is extremely popular among students. Grammar Girl is a part of the Quick and Dirty Tips Network. Aside from every audio episode, you can also get a transcript from them on the official website. But the chance is you won’t really need it. Everything is delivered in an interesting way that will help you with punctuation, grammar and the English language in general.

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