Take A Look At The World’s Best Universities

Enrolling at a good university can be an important career move. While there are students that are not really interested in scoring a great college, there are also the ones who do their best to be a part of a high-ranking school that provides quality education. Have you ever wondered which are the best universities in the world? Have you ever dreamt of going to Harvard? Well, there’s plenty of other kids out there that share the same dream as you. Check out the list of world’s best universities below to know more about what makes them so good.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

For six years in a row, MIT takes the top ranking place on every single list. This is a university that produces high-quality students and it’s been active ever since the 19th century. The estimated number of students at MIT is a little over 11,000. The faculty includes five different schools among them are architecture, science, humanities, engineering, management, and arts. The very first architecture classes were actually held at MIT. This university provides a number of scholarships and financial aid for students. The admission process is very strict and selective.

Only the best of the best can attend MIT. That is the reason behind their great success and the reason why some of the most professional young minds come out exactly from this Institute. A number of popular companies such as Apple and Google decide to employ most of these students once they graduate. This promises a very bright future even from the start. The reasons that make MIT one of the best universities in the world are numerous, including the staff, research possibilities, the equipment and much more.

Take A Look At The World's Best Universities MIT

Stanford University

This Californian university is always fighting a close battle with MIT on the best universities list. This is one of the places that most American students dream of. The estimated number of students is around 16,000. Stanford offers both graduate and undergraduate studies. There are seven different schools including engineering, earth sciences, humanities and sciences, all three available for graduates and undergraduates. The medical, business and law schools are only available for graduates.

There is a number of factors that make Stanford such a great school. The facilities are amazing, plus the students have great chances to really explore and experiment. The only thing missing compared to MIT is the number of international students which is much lower with Stanford. Silicon Valley companies very often recruite graduates and this university is a great contributor to the development of this area.

Take A Look At The World's Best Universities Stanford


Harvard and Stanford are always close to a tie for the second spot on the list. For 2018, Harvard landed on the third place. On the bright side, it’s been voted as the best university in the world for so many times that it’s hard to count. Harvard is the first established university in the US. The best thing about this institution is that it’s student population is made of 20% internationals. The estimated number of students is over 20,000. The college is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but Harvard also has facilities in several other places.

It is made of 12 schools that offer 46 undergraduate majors, 134 graduate degrees, and 32 professional degrees. We’re talking about the most renowned studying facility in the world. If you score a place in Harvard, which is by the way extremely difficult, you don’t have to worry about getting a job. The school is connected with a number of hospitals, companies and more. The research possibilities are impressive and its library is the largest academic one in the world.

Take A Look At The World's Best Universities Harvard


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