Study Abroad: How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Writing skills are one of the main factors of academic success. It can help you on the first step already as you will deserve the scholarship a lot easier in case you write a great essay. Each year, almost 1 million of international students enroll colleges in the US alone, which means that you’ll face a respectful competition in the process.  

If you don’t want to rely on pure luck and improvisation, you should improve your writing skills as soon as possible. Luckily enough, we will show you in this article a few practical tips on how to write a winning scholarship essay.

Writing Essentials

It’s extremely helpful if you have a talent for writing papers but even if you don’t, you can upgrade your skills and learn some basics. Let’s find out how exactly.

  • Identify the Topic

Scholarship essays usually set a broad topic with one or two open questions. The purpose of this method is to determine two things: are you capable of recognizing the theme and can you narrow it down in order to describe your own attitude and experience.  

This is the way colleges test your logic. In order to avoid confusion, you should separate the essay title into a few simple questions and then give answers to each one of these throughout the paper. Let’s say that your topic goes like this: Tell us about your biggest achievements and how they relate to your field of study and your future goals. It obviously consists of three different questions. Your job here is to give answers to each one and also to establish a natural correlation between all answers.  

  • Make a Plan

You need to make a good plan before you start writing. Each essay usually follows a clear structure with the introduction, body part, and conclusion. This approach will enable you to save focus and stick to only one idea within the paper.

At the same time, you will prove the scholarship committee that you know the basic principles of academic writing. Sometimes it’s even good to ask for help from professional services such as BestEssays who can teach you some very useful tricks concerning text structure and the rhythm of writing.  

  • Stay Concise

Scholarship essays usually take around 500 words, which is enough to present your ideas clearly. But if you make things complicated, you will confuse the scholarship committee and end up not answering the basic questions from your topic. Therefore, the most important task for you is to write concisely. It’s not only about your knowledge – your essay also needs to prove that you have a clear and consistent logic.

  • Give Examples

You should avoid clichés and provide examples instead. Examples are the best way to describe your traits. They are basically proofs that the things you write about yourself aren’t made up. For instance, most of the applicants will say that they are generous and thoughtful. But if you say that you organized charity events in the local community, it will reveal your unselfishness much better. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should use too many examples in the essay but one is enough to make the readers believe your words.

  • Be Honest

Each applicant is trying to present only the best personal traits. Doing so, they often exaggerate and make false statements about their personalities. It’s your mission to avoid this kind of mistake. Members of the scholarship committee certainly want to accept only the best candidates but they know that nobody’s perfect. That’s why you should be honest and even reveal a small flaw if you estimate that it will bring you bonus points. Perfect candidates are not flawless, they deal with their flaws.

  • Proofread

You may have the best style of writing, excellent vocabulary, and the fabulous idea. However, if you don’t proofread your essay, even the smallest typos or grammar mistakes can ruin your efforts. Keep in mind that you must dedicate some time to editing and proofreading after the essay is completed. In case you don’t know what to look for exactly, consult a few free online sources such as the Guide to Proofreading. Guides like this one will explain the proofreading procedures and keep you focused on this final part of writing a winning scholarship essay.


There are so many international scholarships available worldwide but you’ll need some good writing skills to earn one. Countries like the US, Great Britain or Australia offer thousands of opportunities at various colleges but they all evaluate your knowledge through scholarship essays. That’s why you should use our suggestions to improve writing skills. Practice makes perfect and it will earn you the scholarship one day!


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