Spooky Halloween Class Party Ideas For Students

Halloween traditions are quite interesting and unusual because creepy occasion turned into an enjoyable holiday. The incredible costumes, intimidating masks, unusual contests and scary decorations are integral constituents of unforgettable Halloween party.

Students love parties. Halloween parties at school are exciting occasions for them to spend time with their peers and frighten the guts out of classmates with their costumes. If All Saints Day is coming and you still didn’t think over the scenario of the event, our halloween school party ideas will help you create the spookiest atmosphere on Halloween!

1. Choose a preferable style. 

There are many different themes for parties, so start thinking now. You can conduct a poll among students to decide which idea seems the most desirable for them. Here you can see widely used party themes for the scariest holiday:

  • Otherworldly world
  • Horror movies
  • Fairy tales
  • Cemetery

2. Make creepy invitations. 

Follow selected theme in creating invitations. Write the time, date and specify what to put on, bring, etc. If you are too tired of writing, this link will come in handy. Send out invitations a couple of weeks before the party. Here are a few ideas for invitations:

  • Take a black paper, download the template from the internet and cut out invitations in the form of a witch hat. To write information about the party, use a white or silver pen.
  • Buy tiny pumpkins at the grocery store or on the market. On one side draw a scary face, and on the other – write the details of the party. Just make sure that the marker is dry and deliver the invitations to guests.

3. Prepare food and drinks.


Food and drinks not only have to be tasty but also scary. Witches’ fingers are absolutely perfect idea for the treats. To prepare witches’ fingers, you need to bake cookies in the form of long fingers and add almond on the end of each cookie. 

As for drinks, a cauldron with a punch is a must. Mix cranberry, orange and pineapple juices with lemonade. Glowing lights on the bottom of the cauldron or bowl will be a wonderful addition.

As for glasses decorations, cover the edges of the glasses with sugar syrup and add red food coloring. Tilt the glass slightly to the right, and let the red liquid run down its edge.

4. Engage guests into game

Why not add some ‘old school’ to the party? There are lots of different halloween games for school party, but the most exciting one is called “who is the killer?”

How to play this game?

Write down traits and features of each character. Each student will be presenting each character of the game. There can be doctor, judge, nun or any other personalities you can make up. But one of them will be a killer. Give out the characteristics of personalities they will be presenting to each student before the start of the holiday and open the evidence throughout the night, exposing alibis, secrets, and connections. In the end, ask everyone to guess as to who the killer is (you’ll have to point out distinctive feature of the killer and make hints to help players guess). The offender must reveal themself!

5. Tell horror stories

Horror stories are perfect for spooky Halloween celebration. Arrange a dark place and gather people around jack-o-lantern to create a scary atmosphere. You can choose good old Agatha Cristie’s or Edgar Poe’s novels and frighten the life out of guests. Or you can find some classic short horrors on the Internet.  Ask guests to tell their favorite stories, in turn, to make the celebration even more fun!

6. Choose decorations

Jack-o-lantern, fake spiders and bats are classic Halloween decorations. You can ask the guests to bring their cut out pumpkins to the event, or you can make them together – it will be a lot of fun! Then arrange a contest for the best pumpkin (the most spooky, funny or lovely).

You may add something thematic to your party. Make a ghost from a sheet or place some attributes of a witch such as a broom, patched and frayed hat. You can also decorate the room with artificial webs and skeletons. And engage students in decorating classroom – they will be happy to take part in making the celebration memorable!


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