So, You Are Going to College: Everything You Need to Know


The time has finally come – you will go to college! This will open up a tremendous number of opportunities for you and give you the independence you’ve always craved. The college will probably end up being one of the best memories in your life, as well as the biggest determinant for your professional future. But, college is not all roses. There will be struggles, headaches, and a tremendous workload. The movies that feature college students hardly ever mention the details, which is why I’d like to reflect reality to you. Once you know what to expect, you’ll know how to deal with it, too. Soon enough, you can turn college into a lot of fun, as well as an opportunity to meet some extraordinary people. Not to mention, the place where you’ll obtain some really great skills for your future career. Here is what expects you when you enter college.

⦁ The First Week will be a Whirlwind

It can go both ways. You can either have a blast on your first week in college, or it can easily turn into hell. The first week in college is more of a shock for the new students. You’ll meet many new people, have to make many decisions, and will be really disoriented. You’ll probably be terrified of the workload and a bit scared of new instructors. Getting lost on campus will probably last for a couple of days, maybe even weeks if you are bad with orientation.
This is a rite of passage and it happens to everyone. It will pass really soon, so don’t worry about it. After a short while, you’ll get used to things, know more people, and pretty much get adjusted to your new life.

⦁ A Lot of College Happens Online

Technology is an enormous part of a college education nowadays. You’ll get a lot of your assignments through e-mail, as well as many notifications and updates. This will be your means of communication with peers, but also instructors outside the classroom. There are many important things happening online on the college’s website, too, and you need to keep track of it as soon as you step foot there.
Firstly, you must sit down to read the rules and regulations of your college. These are usually found on the college website or the college catalog. Next, you need to have a college email where you’ll receive messages from professors, updates about classes, grades, and exams, as well as emails about internships, scholarships, financial aid, and campus events. Better get used to it – you will probably have to open your email on a daily basis, often even more than once.

⦁ You Will Need All the Help You Can Get

No matter how great of a student you are or how much time you plan to dedicate to your college studies, you’ll need help. This goes without question – every student needs it at some point. Very often, you’ll have to pick between a good night’s sleep and completing an important paper. In the midst of all tasks, you might forget to take care of your health and nutrition.
Don’t let this happen. Enter the college prepared for such situations. Accepting that you’ll need help is the first step toward finishing college without the enormous stress that comes with it. I found my saviors in the custom write service called Custom Writing. They handled all assignments when I lacked the time, and no one was the wiser.
This is not the only place to get help. When in college, you’ll get access to many free opportunities for support. These include tutoring and study groups, as well as affordable rentals for things you’ll need, such as laptops, calculators, textbooks, etc.

⦁ You Don’t Have to Cover All Those Expenses on Your Own

Most students are eligible for some kind of financial aid. Still, not everyone knows this. This is why many students get stuck with enormous student debt that they can’t pay off for years, even though they had a chance at federal or state tuition help.
Even if you haven’t received a scholarship at the college you chose to enroll in, there are still chances to receive some kind of financial aid from many places. Research this constantly. Check all financial aid programs, and even contact future employers to see if they’d be willing to help out.

⦁ Don’t Think You Have to Make Every Decision Right Away

In most colleges, students are asked to take just a couple of subjects per semester. After a semester or two, they’re asked to declare their major. This is a very important decision to make, so don’t rush into it. You’ll have some time to decide. Thanks to such systems, you can get acquainted with different subjects and areas of study before you make the final decision.

⦁ Textbooks are Really Expensive

The materials you’ll need to use in class and for studying are expensive. Some professors will give you access to online materials that come free of charge but, most of your textbooks will be rather expensive.
There’s a solution to this, too. You can go online or ask around campus and get used textbooks (even notes from older students) at a really affordable rate.
Are you ready for this new, amazing journey that you’re about to take? Don’t put too much thought into it, at least not until you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Make sure to study hard and put effort into it, but don’t forget to have some fun. Good luck!


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