Pros and Cons of Working While Studying in College

Nowadays, the “work and study” habit is becoming more and more popular among students. Some of them are doing it for pure passion only, while for others it’s the only way in which they can survive and afford to study.

There are many reasons for which students tend to wish for a working place, even if they are still in college and most of their time is focused on learning.  Few of the reasons are an additional income, work experience, and a wealthy resume.

As any big decision, working while studying has its pros and cons. Curious? Let’s take a look.


1. You Get Working Experience

It will be great if you can manage to find a job that is relevant to your ongoing studies. Studying and then properly implementing what you’ve learned will aid you a lot in your future career. Not many students get this amazing opportunity.

Plus, you will make smart connections with people working in the same industry as you. For example, a student that works at AussieWritings, while also having his major in writing, told us that his overall grades and knowledge improved since he started implementing everything he’s read throughout his journey. The times when he was trying to become a writer by reading “how-to-write” books were much more inefficient than some simple actions that had to be implemented.

 2. You Get Extra Money

Most of the students don’t have a rich mommy and daddy. Therefore, they cannot cover their daily expenses or pay their tuition fees. Without a question, working on a part-time job would be the perfect choice for them to lessen the financial burden. If this is not the case, some extra cash isalways welcome.

 3. You Learn How to Manage Your Time

Working while studying will help you prioritize your life in a much more efficient way, even when you are not at work. Learning to balance your responsibilities will help you enormously when you’ll get into the work field, making your adjustment period much shorter and smoother.

 4. You Get to Know the World

This is particularly true for the international students. Is there a better way to learn about other cultures than working and studying in a different country? Working a part-time job will offer you the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds. Living in such a diverse community will help you overcome cultural differences whilethe entire journey should show you the true face of the world.


1. Lack of Time for Study

Keep in mind that your number one priority is studying, so don’t let your working habit take over your life. When you have an important exam ahead, your commitment to your part-time job should not interfere with your learning performance. Remember; if you neglect your studies only for some extra bucks, you will probably regret it in the future.

2.Lack of Time for Socialization and Other Activities 

If you work and learn in the same time, your free time will slowly disappear. In order to study and work efficiently, you must have time for social activities and other activities that may relieve your stress. We are not robots, therefore we need relaxation time. If you will not take this important time to recharge your batteries, you will soon experience some unpleasant consequences.

 3. Stress

All this work while having to study can leave you feeling burned out. College is already a stress factor and adding to it a job will only increase your overall anxiety. If you don’t think you are organized enough to handle this stress (CBD help), maybe it will be better if you will just quit your job or not get one in the first place.

 4. Your Job May Be Incompatible with the Major You Study

Most of the students have part-time jobs that are not relevant to their college studies. This is definitely a disadvantage because you will not have the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned. Imagine if you would work at a job which is related to your major, you will spend almost all day learning. The best part is that you will be able to put everything into practice and learn from previous experience.


Before making any decision, you should examine your current situation. Remember that your number one priority is your studies. So, in case you still want a part-time job, you should try to work in the same domain as your major. If working in the same domain is not possible, you will still consolidate your social skills and your resume.Most likely,every job will improve your professional skills, even if it’s not in your domain.


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