Most Useful Student Apps For 2019

If you are using the phone all day long, maybe you should download the best student apps that will make your life much easier. These are some of the most popular choices for 2019. There is a little bit of everything, starting from planners, to the ones that will help you out during classes. Some are free, while others come at a price, which is really affordable compared to all the benefits that you’ll get. If you want to find out more about which ones are the best fit for your needs, you should keep on reading.


The time has come when students are so overwhelmed even during classes, that they find it hard to keep track with notes. Imagine if there was an app that records everything that the professor is saying and later transforms it into words. Well, great news! It actually does exist and it’s called Soundnote. This is not a free app, but it will be worth every single penny. You will never ever have to worry about missing another word from any lesson in the future. It is literally a life-saver, not only because it lets you focus more on actually listening to the lecture, but also saves you time from storing the notes by hand. You will also feel much more relaxed and focused.

My Study Life

Every student has a hectic life, struggling to get from different classes to sports, part-time jobs, and friends. That is the main reason why you could use one of those student apps that will help you sort that schedule. You will have a clear insight into everything you should expect from a day. It is completely free, so go ahead and download it. There is an option to synchronize all the devices that you own, that way you will know your schedule on the phone, tablet and laptop as well. There is no chance that you’ll miss a lecture or a lunch with friends. Being organized is one of the most important things during college. If you properly plan your time you will really be able to become that responsible and organized person that can achieve much more.


Real life becomes much harder, so it’s definitely not easy to have self-control. There is an app that can help with that. You guessed it right, it’s called SelfControl. All of us were much happier when social media was not in the picture. There was no addiction to looking at screens all day long. You can easily solve this problem by downloading the SelfControl app. Instagram, Facebook, and all other apps will not be in your way of studying again. This app is the one that will block the distractions and you will control the circumstances. Set up the time when you want the other social media to be blocked and open the books. You will have a very productive session of learning or listening to the lecture. This is a great app to use while you’re with friends as well. Everyone deserves to be off social media to clear their mind and this seems to be the best way to do it.


This is an app that will help you out with bibliography. It is not only meant for writers, don’t get that wrong. It will literally be your best friend when you need to finish an essay for any class. EasyBib is free, which is another huge advantage. You’ll be surprised to hear that it has more than 7,000 different citation styles to choose from. Welcome to the much easier student life thanks to EasyBib.

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