Most Common Packing Mistakes Students Do

The first day of college is almost here, which means you have to pack. But have you thought about what you should and shouldn’t take? Students tend to make a lot of packing mistakes because they don’t know what to expect. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you’ll be sharing the space with another person. Second thing, don’t forget about the essentials. All of the tips below are very basic but will help a lot.



Avoid overpacking at any cost. Bringing things that you won’t ever need is of no use. They will only take up space in your room. During the first year of college students usually stay in a dorm. You will be sharing a room with a roommate so imagine if both of you overpack. The room will be too crowded and messy. To avoid this from happening, always think twice before putting anything in the suitcase. Remember that you will be coming back home, and you can bring things again back to college. This is one of the most common packing mistakes that students do. You can try making a list with essentials and pack those first. If you still feel like you have space add a few things.

Not Making A List

There will be things that you remember in the middle of the day. Sometimes you’ll think of a book you have to pack when you’re in bed. To avoid forgetting, you have to create a list. It will include all the must-haves that you will bring with you. Thanks to the list, there is no chance that you’ll miss a thing. Thinking that you’ll remember what you just thought of is the wrong way to go. In most cases, you will forget it in only minutes. Things will be even easier if you divide everything into categories. That way each time you remember an essential, you’ll write it down. If you make the list on your phone you’ll always have it with you.

Not Labeling

Not labeling the stuff you’ve packed is another one of the big packing mistakes students make. If you properly label packages, it will save you so much time and nerve when you unpack. Different boxes will include different items. Some you won’t need to unpack right away. When you know exactly where you can find the thing you need, you will be thankful for this tip. All you need is a maker to write with it on the boxes.

Forget About Stuffed Animals

Don’t even think of taking your stuffed animals with you. That is a major packing mistake. They take up so much space and can’t do any good. Plus, you are already all grown up and living with other students. You don’t want them joking about the stuffed animals. You can take one, but anything more than that is completely unnecessary.

Packing Banned Items

There are students who don’t know that there is a list of banned items provided by the school. Unfortunately, these things can only get you in trouble. Even if you consider them essential, you shouldn’t bring them with you. Each college has a public list that every student can read. That way you can make sure that you are not taking an item that will end up in the trash. Double check everything twice and then start packing. Moving companies also have a list with all the items they don’t transport.

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