Do You Like Books and YouTube? Then You Will Enjoy This!

With the onset of winter, free time increased a little, so now there is an opportunity to fully enjoy the books that were postponed while studying. But where to start? On the site publishing houses write one, in the reviews recommend another, and sellers in bookstores are advised in general, something third. How not to get lost and choose exactly the book? The way out is – booktubing!

What’s the trend

Booktubes is a community of book lovers on YouTube. They read books and share their impressions from them or tell about books that they plan to read. This can be an analysis of one or several editions that a blogger read in a month. This trend brings together like-minded people and gives them an opportunity to share thoughts, but now – in the form of video. Booktubers are also called book brokers or “bookkeepers.”

Types of booktubing

Review / Discussion – Video reviews of recently read books. There is a short story retelling, sometimes spoilers, blogger impressions, evaluation, reflections on the problems raised in the work. Actually, this is the genre from which kickboxing began – book video review.

Book haul – reviews of three or more newly-purchased commentary books. From the previous, this kind of difference is that booktubers comments on the book during its reading and can not give an exhaustive evaluation, since it has not yet read it completely.

Wrap up – Review of books read over a period of time (most often a month) that they evaluate, compare and recommend.

Monthly TBR – In a video of this format bloggers tell about books they want to read next month and tell them where they got to know about them.

#FridayReads – Videos with such hashtags share information about books that read on Friday or are planning to read on weekends. This hashtag appeared on Twitter, but now it can be seen in other social networks.

Tags – In such videos, bloggers answer questions from book subscribers.

Challenges – To create such videos, write my essays, bouquets gather a few people. They have to guess the book in its first paragraph, the part on the cover or the key words, often with blind eyes.

Bookshelf – if you’re looking for a bookcase, you’re here. Here it is discussed what kind of cabinet is best to choose, and even more interesting – sorting in it the books. It turns out that there are a lot of them: according to chronology, size, subject, author, and even colored bindings.

Unboxing – In a video with this tag, the bookmarks show how to unpack their books. From such videos, you can get aesthetic pleasure rather than valuable information about the book itself, because the packaging is often very good.

Unhaul – In these videos, bloggers talk about books they did not like, and throw them away to free up space for new acquisitions.

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