Lazy Student’s Guide to Taking Notes in Class

Guess what? There are specific ways to organize your note-taking to get the most out of it. You know, a method to your madness… Shocking to believe but it is true. Check out this video about effective note-taking in class to help you take notes like a pro.

What happens if you don’t organize and review lecture notes?

learning from the forgetting curve

Approximately 60% is forgotten after only 9 hours.

Note-taking Promotes:

coursework writing

Active listening, framework for revision, and improves understanding.

Pen vs Keyboard

pen vs keyboard

When it comes to effective learning, handwriting trumps typing. Researchers at UCLA found that students who handwrite notes and study them afterwards perform best when it comes to answering factual and conceptual questions.

3 Effective Note-Taking Systems

Outline Method | ideas are written out in an organized layout based on space indentation. Ideal for slides presentations and taking notes from written material.

Presentation with LCD projector

Cornell Method | a divided notes page system developed by Dr. Walter Pauk of Cornell University. Producing and remembering summaries of key ideas from lectures. Also preparing and revising for exams.

Professor giving a lecture.

Mapping | ideas are visually connected in a non-linear manner. Ideal for content heavy lectures.

university of wisconsin
University of Wisconsin



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