How to Succeed in College: 10 Tips for Students


College can be tiring and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know the ropes and tricks that get you through it. Yes, you’ll get that satisfactory feeling once you become independent and leave home. However, you’ll need to worry about a bunch of things, including exams, grades, and papers. Not to mention, college requires you to learn to take care of yourself, your finances, as well as the living expenses.
It even sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Well, lucky for you, I already know the ropes of getting through college. With these ten tips, you won’t get that feeling like you want to jump out of your skin.

⦁ Go to Class

To some, going to classes seems unnecessary since they’ll have to go through the material at home before the exam sessions begin. But, when it comes to college, showing up in classes is crucial.
It’s always better to take notes and listen carefully. This way, studying later will be much easier and more effective. Even if you don’t really pay much attention, you’ll still get something out of each class you attend.

⦁ Take Notes

No one expects you to memorize everything just by attending classes. Thankfully, there are ways to keep the information at your disposal, especially now that you have technology on your side. Use different tools and apps to take written and audio notes, organize them and synchronize them throughout different devices. These will help you tremendously in the study session.

⦁ Complete All Assignments

It’s hard to keep track of the assignments in college. This is why many students choose to skip some of the assignments as long as they think they have a passing chance. Others will deliver everything, but won’t really bother with making it great, which will give them only a passing grade.
This might have worked in high school but, in college, skipping assignments makes you fall behind. You’ll easily get carried away if you start procrastinating.
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⦁ Remove the Things that Distract You

There will be plenty of distractions that prevent you from doing your college work and assignments. The sooner you learn what these are, the sooner you can eliminate them.
Right now, one of the biggest culprits for students’ procrastination is social media and technology. Knowing this, turn off your device when it’s time to study. Turn off the TV (not only the sound), find a room where no one will bother you, and focus on the task in hand.

⦁ Have a Plan and Stick to It

College demands a great deal of organization. You get all the independence you dreamed of, but you also get a big list of responsibilities and deadlines.
The only way to tackle these is with proper time management.
You’ve probably heard of many tricks and tips that would help you organize your time. Whatever you hear, it all starts with a plan. Make a plan about your study time, your assignment writing time, your resting time, etc. This way, you’ll know what you’re dealing with.

⦁ Learn How to Handle Your Finances

Unless you learn how to manage your spending, you’ll have many headaches when those school loans start piling up, or you don’t have enough money to cover your living expenses.
As soon as you step foot in college, you need to learn how much money you’ll need each month. Take notes of your spending, see what expenses you can cut, and try to cover some of your student debt. If necessary, take a part-time job.

⦁ Find a School-Life Balance

Being responsible is the only way to get your college degree. But, this doesn’t mean that you should worry about college non-stop and forget to have fun, spend some time with friends, or even rest.
This is the time to find a life-school balance. Make a schedule where you fit in a decent amount of time studying and attending classes. In that schedule, find a place for rest, exercise, and free time.

⦁ Search for Your Study Zone and Time

We all have a specific time and place where we’re most productive. Visit the library, a hustling cafe, or a quiet room in your home. Which one works best for you? Do you study better in the mornings or at night?

⦁ Reward Yourself

After every accomplished task you cross off your to-do list, give yourself a little award. It can be a night off from studying, a treat, or something you wanted to buy all along.

⦁ Have Fun

This is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, so don’t forget it! If you spend all of your time studying and working, you won’t really see the greatness of the college experience. Participate in different activities, attend parties, and meet people.
If you don’t want college to become overwhelming, you must let yourself have some fun!
These tips will make your life a bit easier, but don’t take college lightly. You still have to put a lot of effort into it. When the time comes to graduate, you’ll look back to these years as some of the best years of your life.


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