How Much Time Should Homework Take

One of the things all students have in common, regardless of their age, location, interests, or field of study, is their dislike of having to do homework. And it’s something that spans across generations, as well, because even though I finished my education a long time, I still have not so fond memories of being made to write my homework. The funniest thing about it is that parents always emphasize the importance of homework, even though they themselves hated it back when they were still students. When it comes to homework, most students dislike having to do math or science homework, as those subjects are more complex and take up more of their time.

According to experts from Usessaywriters, which is a premiere homework help service, the number of students which are asking for help with their homework is growing every single year. It is fairly obvious that students are having a hard time keeping up. According to research done at the University of Oviedo, Spain, the ideal amount of time spent doing homework should be around 60 minutes. They have analyzed the academic performance of 7,725 students, and have found that those which had to spend more than an hour doing homework also had lower test scores.

Determining how much time the students should spend on homework is a complex issue, for several reasons. First of all, there aren’t enough data or studies which deal with that particular subject matter. Back when I was a student and had to do my homework, more homework was viewed as the only way to improve your grades and knowledge. However, that was back then and this is now. Today’s students live in a world which is developing at an insanely fast rate, and it’s hard for them to keep up, not just with their homework obligations, but with all the technology and distractions around them.

Second of all, the amount of homework varies all across the map. Each country has its own school system, which means there are some stark differences when it comes to homework habits of students. And on top of that, a number of homework increases as students get older, which means it’s hard to determine how much time students spend each day to do homework. According to OECD, high school students in Shanghai spend as much as 13.8 hours a week doing homework after school. On the other end of the spectrum is Finland, where students spend only 2.8 hours on homework per week. Yet, their test scores are off the charts, which shatters the notion that doing more homework equals better results. In the UK, students spent 4.9 hours doing homework, which is pretty close to the optimal studying time. Unfortunately, the survey did not include college homework.

There is also another problem. Back in high school, or even elementary school, one of my parents was always there to help me with my homework. In this day and age, which can get pretty hectic, parents spend more time at work than ever, which means there is isn’t much family time left inside the day. This also means they can’t help their children with homework or to assist them in learning to solve problems themselves. Of course, parents should not do their children’s homework for them, but they need to be involved in their education. Once they realize their child is buried in homework, night after night, without spending any time playing outside, they can get together with teachers and discuss the matter, and change things that way. This way, it is the children that suffer, and they are left to their own devices.

Can you do my homework? This was often the question I asked my parents, which usually provoked laughter. I hated doing my math homework, simply because I was made to do it, and wasn’t good at math to boot. I ended up becoming a journalist, which is what I had a knack for, and which is something that doesn’t require me to do any math. I do realize that math is the building block for all natural and technical sciences, but not everyone will grow up to be an engineer or a scientist. This means that any kind of homework, and that includes math, should not be put into the spotlight at the expense of all the other subjects.

While homework is definitely important, because it allows students to revise the lessons, it should not become the center of their world. They should also have enough free time to clear their minds so that they are more ready to soak up new knowledge and to tackle new academic challenges. The school system should also change and become more flexible, but until then, it would be good if teachers could give out no more than 5 hours of homework per week.

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