Five Things College Freshmen Need to Know

The first year of university is always a bit difficult. All new beginnings are. That’s why all college freshmen could use some great advice on how to get ready for what’s to come. It might not be a lot, but at least you’ll know what to expect. Aside from respecting all of the rules, you will really have to act as an adult. Students have a lot of responsibilities and sometimes it can be very hard to balance everything. Check out the top five things you have to know if you’re heading to university soon.

Join Student Clubs

You definitely want to join all of the clubs that draw your attention. By becoming members, college freshmen get to meet plenty of other students and learn a lot of new things. This will take a portion of your time, but believe me, it’s worth it. Most colleges offer numerous possibilities when it comes to sports activities, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. University is not all about studying. You will still need to make friends, especially during the first year. You will find these clubs and organizations very helpful in finding out news around campus, plus share notes and knowledge. Some students really enjoy basketball, other are art-oriented, there are also the ones that love political sciences. The chances are you will find what you’re looking for in the college that you enroll.

Five Things College Freshmen Need to Know

Learn How To Manage Your Time

Time is money! You will realize that once you get to university. College freshmen have trouble managing their time and having some extra minutes for yourself. You have to make sure that you know how to properly use all of the free hours that you have. Use your phone or a calendar to write down all of the activities you have outside of classes. Another great idea is to buy a planner before heading to university. That way you’ll never forget a single thing. There will be so many exams, papers due to a certain date and off-the-schedule classes that you have to note somewhere. The best way of organizing your time is getting a planner.

Become Friends With Your Roommate

The thing is, you will have to spend a lot of time with your roommate. So, you really have to try and become friends. Always have a friendly relationship and avoid starting fights. There are so many types of people, not all of them will get along with you perfectly. But since the two of you have to share a room for a while, always choose a healthy friendly relationship. This girl/boy might as well become your best friend ever. A lot of students become best friends for life with their college roommates.

Talk To Your Professors

Professors are human too. So don’t be afraid to approach and talk to them. If there’s anything that you need to ask or need help with they will be here to answer. The best time is to visit them during student office hours, which will be always announced to you. Sometimes professors will have some extra time before or after class. You can always use that time to find everything you need to know.

Five Things College Freshmen Need to Know

Control Your Emotions

Don’t become desperate after only one bad grade. It can happen to anyone. Sometimes the first exams won’t be quite like you’ve expected. So all you can do is stay calm and work even harder for the following one. Try practicing yoga and meditation, that can be very helpful in managing your emotions.


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