Easy Tips to Score a Great Internship

If you are already in college and trying to find a good internship, you probably know that the struggle is real. The competition is always fierce and spots get filled right away. For all the ones that are trying to figure out how to score a great internship, we have some super-useful advice. Read the tips below to make your life much easier.

 Easy Tips to Score a Great Internship

Do Research

The first thing you have to know is if you want to score a great internship, you have to do plenty of research about the company. If you turn up to the interview ready and with all the knowledge, they won’t be able to catch you off guard. When you really want to work in a certain company, you already have some strong reasons why. You should always express why you are so keen on getting a spot for that brand. Mention all the great things about the company that makes you want an internship spot so much. While you’re doing the research for the different places you will also see which one is the perfect fit for you. There will be many options, so you definitely want to make the best decision.

Pay Attention to Your Resume

Sending an excellent resume is the second step that will have you closer to getting that great internship you’ve been dreaming of. First of all, check the spelling and grammar. You don’t want to send a resume that doesn’t look good. Everyone appreciates good punctuation and grammar. The following thing you should pay a lot of attention to is the part about experience. You want to make the resume stand out, so list all of the previous experiences that you have. Previous jobs that are similar to the internship you are applying for are very important. Mention all the skills that you have to offer. You can always use different words for jobs that don’t sound as exciting. For example, if you’ve worked part-time in a store you can always use a different phrase to describe the job of a cashier. In the experience section mention all of the previous practical jobs you’ve done, internships, special courses, special education. All of this can be useful. Companies love reading a full and interesting resume.

Easy Tips to Score a Great Internship

Get Ready For The Interview

Once you’ve been called for an interview, it means there is a high chance for you to get that great internship. Now it’s all up to you. First things first. Make yourself presentable. For men, always wear a good suit, with a trimmed beard and a neat hairstyle. You don’t want to look messy or wear jeans. There are some companies that have a very laid-back style with employees that feel free to dress however they want. If you are trying to score an internship there, you can always wear something more relaxed. The same thing applies to women. A decent outfit, with a nice hairstyle and makeup. Physical appearances might not be the most important part of scoring an internship, but you definitely want to leave a good impression on all fields.

Before you go make sure that you know as much possible about the company. Their goals, the way they work, achievements, and more. You can find most of these things online. The interviewer can ask you why are you interested in that specific brand, so make sure you have an answer to that. Also, think on a long-term plan. Other possible topics include where you see yourself in the future, important skills, what makes you a good fit for the internship and more.


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