The Most Common Degrees Held by Billionaires


Almost all people had a vision and desire to become billionaires, but a few of them have made it to the wealthy kingdom. What caused the disparity? Do you desire to become one? What is the most common major? In this article, we will reveal to you the top education majors for the top billionaires. Whether or not you will reconsider your degree choice is up to you, ours is to inform you that top billionaires have a lot in common. According to Vista College, they have specific common majors.

14 World billionaires did Engineering.

By the fact that you are keen on this article, names like Michael Bloomberg, David Koch, Charles Koch and Jeff Bezos are known to you. There are fourteen names under this major. Did their academic knowledge earn them wealth or they coupled it with their business genius orientations? None of the names above is below $30 Billion.

14 Global billionaires did Economics.

Economics is all about money and market manipulation; these billionaires won’t surprise as much as the engineers. Could majoring in Economics be the best way to harvest tons of dollars? People like Laurene Powell Jobs ($16 Billions), Steve Ballmer ($20.8 B) and Tadashi Yanai ($16.4 B) are best placed to tell us. But according to James McQuiston, cultural education is the way to go, visit this website for more details.

11 world financial heavyweights did Business and Finance. 

While Business and Finance are the most common majors in college, only a handful students climbed the world wealth ladder to the apex. Common names like Warren Buffett ($66 B) and Susanne Klatten ($18.4 B) are amongst the few.

Commerce is not left behind in the billionaire league.

Dilip Shanghvi ($15.6 B) is one of the wealthiest people in India. Another name is Lakshmi Mittal ($12.3 B). Marketing is one of the most common degrees that can prepare you to manage people and money so that your empire persistently grows.

There are more majors than we can list, which can earn you huge junks of money. For example, Review has been hosting blogs on financial matters for many years and can assist you a lot. For this article, we are focusing on the areas the existing billionaires majored in.

Three Mathematicians calculated their way to wealth.

Were you aware that Steve Ballmer ($20.8 B) and Sergey Brin ($31.1 B) are Mathematicians? Each of them later held additional expertise; Ballmer did Economics, and Brin added Computer Science.

Three rich philosophers

Rupert Murdoch ($14.5 B), George Soros ($23 Billions) and Carl Icahn ($23.9 B) didn’t miss a chance to seize an opportunity to thrive economically. Philosophy may not be amongst the most common degrees in college, but they made it nevertheless.

Art and Historians also secured their names in wealth history. 

How did David Thomson ($24.1 B), Abigail Johnson ($18 B) manage to reach the top? This is very interesting. The answer to “what is the most common major in college?” is not history or art, but it gave birth to two global billionaires by now.

Political science also generate billionaires.

There are political scientists like Tadashi Yanai ($16.4 Billions) and Rupert Murdoch ($14.5 B) who have triumphed in money making. Both of them later added Economics to their academic credentials, no wonder Political science is one of the most common majors in college.

The two Lawyers who defended their rights to acquire wealth. 

  • Their names are: Alisher Usmanov ($19.5 B), and Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken ($11.6 B)
  •  For you to recognize but not necessarily try: Mark Zuckerberg ($53.5 B) and Bill gates are school drop out billionaires.  Jeff Bezos is a self-made billionaire who believes that to innovate, one has to be ready to be miss-understood, hang out with resourceful people only and innovate anytime.


No matter what specialization you have, there are other keys to achieve success beyond a diploma. Most of the people described above majored in areas they had passion in, which can be a lesson for you. It is important to note that not all engineers worth billions, but a careful choice of the area, hard work, risking and trying ingenious things are your staircases to the top of the wealthy building.


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