Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Plenty of students find it hard to focus and pay attention to lectures. That is due to their busy lives, that are full of activities. It is exhausting to have to attend college, work a part-time job and having a social life at the same time. Something will suffer eventually. If you need extra help in learning how to pay attention during classes, you can use this set of tips to improve the listening skills. By following the techniques below, you will notice that you are more focused on what other people are talking about. It will be a huge benefit during lectures.

Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Make Eye Contact

This is the first rule you want to follow when listening. If it is a physically present person who’s talking, you will be much better at listening if you make eye contact. This is especially important for one-on-one conversations. You will not be only able to concentrate better, but also let the other person know that you are paying attention. Body language is a very important thing. It can be really hard to make eye contact when you’re at a lecture, but you can always simply look at the professor. You probably know how annoying it is when a person is looking somewhere else while you’re talking. Don’t do that to others. This is an extremely helpful technique you can try in college. If you always follow the professor with your eyes, you will be able to concentrate much better.

Ask Questions

Whenever you get a chance, ask questions. That is a real proof that you’ve listened. It is not always an option. There will be classes when you simply won’t be able to participate. Instead, write down your questions and you’ll find the answers later. Make them open questions that can actually start a discussion. That way both the presenter will know that you’ve been listening, plus you’ll get more information from the situation. If it is a question that requires a yes or no answer, that is where the discussion will end. Either way, you’ll prove yourself that you’re doing a good job with listening skills.

Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills

Active Listening

This is a thing that you can actually practice. It means that you have to completely focus on the conversation while other people are talking. It is a common thing for your mind to wander off somewhere. While you’re trying active listening, you can also practice it with your friends. Just ask them to help you out and start a conversation topic. Keep an open mind and think of the situation as if it were a test. You have to listen closely because people will ask questions after that. That way you’ll be sure to focus all the attention on what the other person is saying.

Do A Short Experiment

This is a very simple way to improve your listening skills. After you’ve practiced all of the tips above for a while, you can also challenge yourself. It can be a few days or a whole week. After every longer conversation that you have, make sure to make a short summary. The best way is to talk about it out loud if the surroundings allow it. If not, you can just summarize in your head. You will find it very easy to do this experiment with friends. It can get a bit awkward with other people, so that is the case when you make a conclusion in your head. It does sound silly, but it is very efficient.

Best Ways To Improve Your Listening Skills


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