Best Student Blogs You Have To Know

Every student is in the need of fun blogs to read in their spare time. Going through college years is definitely not an easy experience at all times. There will be moments when you feel like you just want to pack your bags and go home. Those are the days when you could use some great advice and tips that actually work. Sometimes you’ll wonder how you can improve your focus or find out more about the best learning techniques. Since we’re all obsessed with the Internet, let’s at least use it for a good purpose. Next time you’re online check out the best student blogs, that will soon become your favorite.

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The University Blog

If you visit you will notice that this is not the ordinary student blog. The owner, Martin, shares a lot of his personal experiences in a very unique way. You can expect a little bit of everything. He shares tips that will make your college life better, random interesting posts and great advice. Martin even adds short voice clips to his postings, to make your experience much better. These days you can find content anywhere, but quality content is very rare. That is why The University Blog is one of the best student blogs you’ll ever visit. Even if you are having the worst day, turn to Martin’s page for some uplifting words to get you through the day.


High Street Beauty Junkie

This is a blog created by Charli, a student at the Cardiff University. This young lady is studying Psychology and loves makeup at the same time. If you head to, there will be plenty of amazing and life-saving tips and tricks for a modern fashionista. All ladies these days are obsessed with makeup, so you can always learn a thing or two. The best thing about Charli’s content is that she focuses on students, their budget and how to look the best with the money that you have. Aside from beauty topics, she also taps into more personal subjects, such as eating disorders, mental health and so much more. Charli shares a lot of her life on the blog, so you will be able to go through some of the challenges together with her. You’ll see that everything she posts is super-helpful.

Best Student Blogs You Have To Know (1)

The Healthy Hangover

James Wragg has his own lifestyle blog at He was a student at the University of Brighton and also a contributor at Guardian Students. James wants to help you have the healthiest experience during college when it comes to diet. He shares so many delicious recipes, that you’ll want to try every single one. A lot of students become addicted to junk food while they’re at university. This is the main reason why Wragg started his blog. Alcohol, pizza, hamburgers are just a part of the things that you can have, but not every single day. If you need help with a healthy-type of diet, all you have to do is visit this blog. James also posts many articles about how to survive on a budget, time-saving tips and so much more.


Uni Student Life

This is one of the best student blogs because it has everything college-related in one place. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. The content at is so diverse, that it will become your favorite site. Everything is very easy and fun to read. Whether you need tips on how to decorate your college room or how to deal with a hangover, Uni Student Life has it all.

Best Student Blogs You Have To Know (1)


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