Best Productivity Hacks For Busy College Students

Students struggle with so many problems during their college years. Staying up late to study, having to go to classes early in the morning, having a part-time job and a social life all at the same time seems like an impossible task. Fortunately, there are so many ways that you can organize your day and get the most out of it. Productivity is the key to success, especially in university. There will always be those days when you simply can’t get out of bed and you feel exhausted. It can happen to anyone. But during all of the others, you want to get the most out of the 24 hours we get in every single day. To make things much easier for all tired college students, we decided to write about the best productivity hacks that can be a life-changer. Some of them will be ideal for you, while others not so much. You have to be persistent until you make it a habit.


Make A Schedule

If you want to be both efficient and highly-productive as a college student, you will need to work under pressure sometimes. One of the best hacks you can develop is to make a schedule for every single day. To-do lists are another way to go, but for most students, they are proven as less efficient. First of all, you’ll have to learn how to stick to the schedule. That will be the initial step and it will have to become your habit. This is one of the best productivity hacks that will change your life. It’s very easy to skip on things off the to-do list, but with the schedule, you really have to respect it, in order to fulfill your daily tasks. Plus, with these lists, your time is not planned. You might end up spending hours on a thing that is not important, simply because you can’t notice the urgency of the other things or you are not aware of how much time you’ll need. Once you get used to functioning this way, you will use it every single day. It is a really neat trick to keep all of your ducks in a row. Once you notice the amazing results, you can thank me then.

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Track Your Time

Sometimes it can be really hard to tell how much time you’ll need to get ready for an exam and how many hours per day you have to study. To make things easier, you can always track the time and then set up a schedule. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a paper or studying for the finals. You can get an average time for every single activity. That way, you’ll get more free space to relax and every second of your day will be used in the best possible way. There are students that simply were not born to do things this way. But, this is definitely one of the most useful productivity hacks for youngsters who want to be successful. It all depends on you, and how you want to spend your time. Set up a time frame for every activity, so that you know how many things you’ll be able to finish in a day. Plus working with a time in mind, will have you looking at the clock, trying not to overstep. Sometimes working under pressure can be very effective. You will also see how long it approximately takes you to finish different types of assignments. The best way to do it is download a tracking time app.


Use Airplane Mode

Mobile phones are officially the biggest distraction of modern times. Most college students instead of paying attention to classes or efficiently studying, they spend hours staring at their phones. We can’t live without social media, but we also do spend too much wasted time just looking at other people which we don’t even know. A great idea to stay away from all of this is to set your phone on Airplane Mode. Don’t forget to turn the WiFi off too. It can be really hard to get used to it in the beginning, especially if you are hooked on Instagram and Facebook. But when you realize how much clearer your mind is thinking and how focused your thoughts are, you will practice it all the time. By eliminating all distractions, you create an environment where your productivity can thrive. Soon, you will be in love with the Airplane Mode trick and you’ll start recommending it to fellow students.

Take Breaks

You can’t spend whole days just studying. Students who want to be successful think that the more time they spend with their books the more knowledge they’ll have. Unfortunately, that is not completely true. The brain can’t work efficiently for such long periods of time. It can get overwhelmed with information, so you will only feel even more tired than before. That’s why breaks are very important. Studies have already shown that taking breaks is a necessity if you want to be a great student. They also stimulate productivity, by helping the brain store the information. The best way to do it is to take around five minutes after every half an hour of working or studying. It does sound like too much, but your brain needs it. You will see in time, what is the optimal break for you and what the best time is for you to take it. These tips don’t apply to everyone equally.

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Sometimes you simply can’t manage to do everything. Imagine if you had a clone and you could be at two places at the same time. That’s how students feel most of their college days. Since we don’t have that luxury, you can always prioritize. In other words, choose the most important things in a day and focus on those. Multitasking is definitely not something you want to do during the busy season. If you work on several different things at the same time, you might end up not finishing either or getting something of a lesser quality. By learning how to make a schedule and track your time, you will soon know which tasks are a priority and how long it will take you to finish them. Don’t forget to check the finished things on your to-do list if you have one.

Take Notes

Taking notes is another one of those amazing productivity hacks. Once you get to class take your notebook out and start taking notes. Most of the time, the professors will say important things that are not a part of the textbooks. While you’re listening, try writing down the important things. Also, professors will mention deadlines, exam dates and times, office hours and so much more. Since you can’t remember every single little thing, the smartest way to go is to write things down. Once you’re at home, you can go through the notes again, so that your studying later will be much more productive. It will also save you time for tests because you’ll have all the basics in your notebook. And most important of all, college students who take notes always perform better and have higher grades. By hearing things and writing them down, you get in touch with the information twice.

Get Enough Sleep

Well rested students are always the happiest ones. it can be really hard to study when you’ve spent all night reading and learning. The most important productivity hack is to get enough sleep. And make sure it’s a quality one. Go to bed at a reasonable time when you can, sleep for around 8 hours a day, find a comfy bed, and try to relax. Repeat this every single day. Not sleeping enough can be very counter-productive for the brain. Skipping on sleep is the worst thing you can do to your brain. You will soon feel even more exhausted than before. Plus, all-nighters are definitely a good idea, especially when it comes to college. That’s why everyone should sleep during the night and study during the day.

Best Productivity Hacks For Busy College Students (1)

Wear Headphones

If you have to study with your roommate around or at the library, you can always put on your headphones to block out the noise. Piece and quite will really help you focus and boost the productivity. There are students that can study anywhere and in all types of circumstances. But to make that reading most efficient, a calm environment is the key factor. With the phone turned off and the headphones on, you’re ready to go all in.


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