Applying to Graduate School in the United States: Some Suggestions

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The US is a popular destination for many, including international students. They especially make a significant portion of graduate students in the country.

The first hurdle that one has to overcome is the application process. It can be a little intimidating, even though the rules apply to both domestic and international students.

Therefore, you need to get as much help as possible to sail through it. Even if, it’s low GPA waiver letter help. If you are stuck and don’t know where to start, here’s an article for you:

US Graduate School Help

Start Early

The preparation and application for graduate school take much time. Each program has its own set of selection criteria that they use. However, you have to keep in mind that many schools are looking for candidates who are willing to learn.

Therefore, your background education may not matter much in the selection process. Identify the deadline dates for the applications and purpose to meet them. For those living abroad, applications may take longer to reach you.

The same applies to the materials you send to the school. They may take more time to get there. Factor this, in your preparation.

Identify your Funding Sources

Understand your financing status and options. Take into account the cost of application, standardized exams requirements & fees, the estimated budget for living expenses, tuition fees, and more.

Some programs offer international students with grants and financial aids. Find out which scholarships you can apply for. Ask about income generating opportunities that you are eligible for, e.g. graduate apprenticeship.

Don’t forget to budget for other costs, such as your plane ticket back home; if you homesickness takes a toll on you.

Required Documents/ Letters


You may need to submit your actual transcripts with a transcript evaluation. Investigate if you need the transcript evaluation, too. It helps the admission officers to evaluate the standards of your undergraduate coursework with that of the US.

Results of Standardized Tests

Some candidates are eligible for a waiver request letter. However, potential students who haven’t earned their degree in an American University, or are not native English speakers, may need to sit the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language.)

Also, there’s the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) that you have to think about. Your report should have at most three scores. That’s even though you may take the exam, more than once.

Ensure that your scores reach the school within the deadline.

Personal Statement

It’s a chance for you to convince the reader that you are a suitable candidate for the program. Outline your qualifications, motivation, and suitability. Ensure that it is free of error.

You may have a native English speaker to proofread it for you.

Reference Letter

Contact your referees in advance before the deadline. They need to be people who can vouch for your achievements or qualifications. Identify the platform for submitting your LoRs.

Be it online or a formal letter. Make sure that it gets to the school before the deadline.

What to do for a Request Letter?

If you are eligible for a waiver letter, then, by all means, write it. Sending the request doesn’t mean that your application will be accepted, in any case.

Once you get the admission, start working on your Visa application. Purpose to be in school by the time the first class, begins. Keep in mind; there are few more regulations that you have to abide by, for you to obtain a Visa.

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