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8 Most Wanted Skills Every Student Should Have

Traditionally, education has emphasised arithmetic, writing and reading. However, with the various technological advancements, we are making, educators have a new task of preparing students to meet the needs of a world that is yet to exist.

Though, our primary modes of assessment still depend on assessing the thinking skills of a student at the lower level. That is, the focus is on recall and memorisation. The future, however, requires people who are innovative, adaptable, quick learners, self-directed, among other things.

The modern learner today, have high expectations of their educators. You can find evidence of this in sample gi fellowship personal statement. To prepare you or your students for the future, these are the skills you need to succeed:

1. Communication

We now have a large selection of means of communication. From social media to perhaps video conferencing about how to write a personal statement for fellowship. It also affects your interactions.

Responsible communication will help you exude the best representation of you.

2. Analytic Thinking

It is an essential skill to help you make practical decisions that are also effective. It allows you to deal with a problem, practically. When you think analytically, you can compare, contrast, evaluate, synthesise and apply without needing supervision or instruction.

3. Leadership

A good leader is one who inspires others towards a common goal. It aids in fostering collaboration. They are accountable for themselves and their team members.

Different definitions of a leader do exist. However, it is an area you best explore on your own.

4. Public Speaking

Mastering the skill of public speaking is essential. More so, because those who can speak in public, and well, are few. Practising speaking in front of your classmates is a right place to start.

It will help you face your fears and make you more comfortable speaking to new people.

5. Adaptability

Technology is changing different aspects of our lives, and fast. Therefore, the world needs people who can continuously adapt to change. Your ability to learn efficiently and quickly will make you suitable for the changing environment.

6. Creativity

You can confidently apply it in your gastroenterology personal statement. It helps an individual to develop solutions that are useful and unique. It is a vital outlet that inspires a person.

Also, creativity will propel you to address your challenges with vision and ingenuity. It correlates with the ability to solve problems, which requires a person to think critically and ask questions that are good.

7. Emotional Intelligence

It is a social competence that allows an individual to monitor their emotions and those of others. You then use this information to guide your actions and thinking. It makes you a well-balanced individual.

With emotional intelligence, you will be able to build and maintain the relationships you form. You can help others solve their problems by putting yourself in their shoes. That also calls for understanding the feelings of others.

8. Collaboration

Many a time, the culture of a classroom encourages independence and competition. You need to be able to collaborate seamlessly with others in virtual and physical spaces. Collaboration and connection are also essential for the emotional and mental health of a person.

It goes hand in hand with global citizenship. For us to make the world a livable place, we need to work together in ensuring its continuance.


It is crucial for the students of today to prepare themselves for the current and future needs of the world. Mastering the above skills is one of the ways, to achieve this.


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