5 Most Beautiful Libraries In The World

There is one thing that connects book and architecture lovers. That is also known as a library. There are so many opulent, stunning libraries all around the planet that will take your breath away. All these buildings date from way back and are characterized by unique architecture. If you are a book obsessive, who also loves looking at mesmerizing interiors, you have to check out the most beautiful libraries in the world.


Handelingenkamer- The Hague, Netherlands

This fabulous library is among the most unique ones in the world. It is a part of the Dutch Parliament and features all the documents related to its work. Handelingenkamer was designed by C.H. Peters, an architect who found inspiration in the Chinese architecture. Since at that time there was no electricity, Peter wanted to use any source of light he could think of. That is the main reason why the library has a huge glass dome located in the ceiling.

Back in the 19th century when the creation was in the making, they used candle lights and gas lamps, which can be dangerous for the books. Another statement part of the building is the spiral stairs. The architect mostly focused on the red and green colors as the two that remind of China. He even added dragons as decorations all over the place. Handelingenkamer is one of the most beautiful libraries that you have to visit at least once.

Trinity College Library- Dublin, Ireland

Better known as the biggest library in Ireland, the Trinity College Library offers one stunning view. Here you will find the Long Room, which is a whole new level of long. This room is among the top most visited attractions in Ireland. The library is famous for the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript by the Celtic monks from the 9th century. Every single book has to be sent first to the Trinity College Library to get copyright protection. This building is special on so many levels.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France- Paris, France

When it comes to architecture, Paris is the place to be. The French National Library is located in the City of Lights. The first buildings were created in 1868 and are still used up to date. At that time, the Rue de Richelieu buildings were the biggest storage in the world. Since then, the library has expanded with a number of other buildings. The latest expansion happened in 1988. It is a very important Parisian attraction, so if the road takes you to France one day make sure to visit it.

Victorian State Library- Melbourne, Australia

Aside from being the most visited library in Australia, this is also among the ones that hold the largest number of books. The State Library of Victoria was built in 1856. It started out with 3,800 books, but today holds over 2 million. The dome on the ceiling is made of glass, that allows natural light to get into the room. This library owns a number of books that are a very important part of Australian history.

Jose Vasconcelos Library- Mexico City, Mexico

This huge library is taking over more than 400,000 square feet of space. It was finished in 2006 by architect Alberto Kalach. It is a stunning creation that is the home of over half a million books. When you step outside you can enjoy the gorgeous botanical garden. The library is made of five floors and so many shelves that you will be completely in awe.

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