5 Great Memorization Hacks For College Students

When the exam season is on, you could use every single trick there is in the book. The ones that help with memorization and focus are always very helpful and beneficial in times like that. These are all already proven ways to remember things faster than usual. So, we made sure to bring you the most popular, simplest memorization hacks that will change your life. College years can be so difficult and every student deserves that extra help.

5 Great Memorization Hacks For College Students

Read Out Loud

One of the best advice anyone could give you is to read out loud. Even professionals will tell you that one of the most efficient ways to memorize things better is to read them out loud. A lot of students have never tried this technique because it sounds ridiculous. But once you do, you will notice all of the benefits it has to offer. By talking you remember things much better, plus you clearly go through things that you might have missed while reading in silence. You will notice that your brain picks up on everything in a faster pace this way. It’s a very simple memorization hack which is definitely worth trying. Most students who have adopted this technique find it that the easiest way to do things is to go over the material and make notes first. After they’re done with that, they go through the notes and read them out loud. It is the perfect option for when you don’t have too much time to spare.

Take Regular Breaks

You might think that the best way to study is to stay with your book in hands for several hours without a break. That’s where you’re wrong. Regular short breaks are essential for the brain. If you want your mind to stay sharp, you have to give it some rest. This definitely doesn’t sound like a memorizing technique, but it’s an already proven one. It will be very helpful for your brand and will allow you to store more information than usual. You will feel well-rested and ready for some more studying. The best way to go is to take a five-minute break after 40-50 minutes of reading.

5 Great Memorization Hacks For College Students

Get Enough Sleep

You should never stay up all night before an exam. Sleeping is one of the most important factors for the brain. When you go to bed, all of the information that you’ve received is being processed and stored. It will be really helpful when the next morning you know all about those important things that will definitely be a part of the exam.

Use Visual Aids

When you use visual ways of presenting the information, your brain will find it much easier to remember them. Experts have already found this to be a very efficient way of studying for students of all ages. That’s why you’ll see plenty of diagrams on the classes, pictures, and text done in an eye-catching way. In other words, your mind uses a secondary way to make a connection to everything you have to know for the upcoming exam. You can use this memorization hack at home too, by making your own notes, diagrams and other visual ways to boost the memory.

5 Great Memorization Hacks For College Students


Repetition is one of those basic memorization hacks that never get old. This is a basic way to remember things much better and in detail. By repeating the material for an exam. The more times you repeat it, the longer you’ll remember the information. If you have just enough time to get ready for the upcoming exam, then this is the most important hack you should use.


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