11+ Must-Have Apps for Students in 2018

The advances in technology that we are making as days go by are making lives easier and opening doors that were never there before. The education sector has not been left behind. One can learn and gain knowledge using a platform other than sitting in a classroom.

Nowadays, access to the right apps can make the life of a student more informative, entertaining and fun. You can organize your schedule, budget your income and even get the best literature review help among many other uses of existing apps. This tutorial will highlight some of the apps that would make the life of a student easier.

Apps For Students in 2018

1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Getting up to go to class, study, or whatever can be a tricky business. At times, the warmth of the bed beckons more than the cold outside. If you are having trouble getting up early or need a reminder of the duties to perform on a particular day, the Sleep Cycle app can come in handy.

It is not just any alarm; it is an app that helps you ensure that you get enough rest when you sleep. It analyzes one’s sleep pattern using the microphone on your phone together with the accelerometer. If you get its premium version, you will be able to access some of its other interesting features, such as snore detection, heart rate tracking and even Philips Hue integration.

2. Circle of Six

If you go to school away from home, in that, you board in a place other than home; it is important to keep in touch with your friends and family. Not every person is an extrovert and enjoys the company of many people. Also, there are instances where we choose to go out on our own.

In such instances, using the Circle of Six is an app that promotes personal safety. You will be able to make an instant call to your friends in the circle of friends, just by the touch of a button. It is integrated with GPS that will help your friends track you wherever you are.

An added advantage of the app is that it works on both iOS and Android devices. You can use it on and off-campus, even if you go off campus to a newly opened park to brainstorm on some literature review topics on a looming assignment.

3. Mint

Are you having difficulty in keeping track of your finances and would like some help in doing it? Using Mint, you will be able to make your financial decisions quickly and with enough information on your account balance. You can edit transactions on the app.

It also has a feature where you can check your budget and any information on your account. It will make, living on a budget, simpler as you can access your account from anywhere and, make changes that you would like to your finances. It is also password protected, and thus you don’t have to worry about strangers accessing your funds if you lose your phone.

4. XE Currency Converter

Living in a foreign country on a study abroad program has its own unique set of challenges for students. Number one is having to change the money you have to the currency of your host country. One cannot convert all the money they have a go, only because you cannot predict how much you are going to spend.

In case your backup of host country currency gets depleted, you need to convert a few notes or coins. The XE Currency Converter gives you up to date information on the current exchange rates. In addition to this, the app comes in a variety of languages, and you could get the app in a language that you understand fully.

5. Duolingo

Do you have a foreign language class? You should consider getting the Duolingo app. It is a platform to easily learn a new language that is available in the app. It may come in handy as you tackle your literature review outline.

It is a crowd sourced platform that translates a text. Learning a foreign language has never been made easier than by the touch of your fingertips. It is a useful tool for students in a study abroad program in a country that uses a different language from theirs and especially if the local language is available in the app.

6. Microsoft Office Mobile App

Do you store most of your documents, online using Microsoft Office? Using its mobile app, you will be able to access any of the documents that you saved in a desktop version, in a mobile view that is adapted to your screen. You can access and edit format, be it, word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Collaborating is also easy using the Microsoft Office mobile app. All you need to do is to email a link or attachment. Your documents are stored in the cloud, and you can access the latest version of the app if you have access to the internet.

7. EasyBib

Semesters can be filled with numerous writing projects and assignments that may involve a lot of research. At the end of the writing stage, you need to have your references recorded and in the right format. The most common referencing styles are MLA, Chicago, and APA styles.

The Easybib app reduces the time taken to record the bibliography. You can take a photo of the barcode of the book you are referencing or just type in its title, and it records the information and in the particular format that you would like.

8. Studious

If you keep forgetting the due date of assignments or tasks, then you should consider using the Studious app. It will help you in preparation for a test in real time and remind you of the deadline of assignments that you are yet to complete. Also, you can set it in a way that the app switches off your phone once you step in class.

For this to happen, you first have to import the location of your classes to the app, and you are ready to go.

9. TED

If you are looking to learn even when you are not in class and more so, in an unconventional way, then, the TED app is the way to go for you. It gives you access to TED’s videos, whether educational, entertaining and inspirational. It opens your world to a vast number the world’s brilliant minds in different fields.

10. Wunderlist

With Wunderlist, you will be able to create, edit and share list. The list could act as reminders of a due date or something to do later, e.g. reading a particular article. You can use hashtags to organize your notes which make it easy to return to specific content.

It is a good organizational app for students as they plan their shopping, pack for school or to tackle a particular massive project.

11. Coursera

Using Coursera, you can access numerous online courses that are free. It is a connection that brings students, professionals, and lifelong learners together. The courses are from reputable universities around the globe, including Stanford and Yale. They also cover a variety of topics that may intrigue you while being informative at the same time.


Learning is not only limited to the classroom. Students can access useful resources using different apps, have fun, stay in touch or simply organize their affairs. If you have the right app, then you are one step closer to a more comfortable, organized and informative life, than you were before.


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