Wilson College

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Wilson College is a top liberal arts college with rigorous academic programs located on a 300-acre (121.4 ha) campus in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Rigorous academics and incredible access to professors has been a hallmark of the college since its founding in 1869. Wilson College has a collaborative environment, a 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio and professors who are dedicated to mentoring studentsβ€”both in and out of the classroomβ€”create an educational experience focused on the individual. Wilson connects career-oriented programs with a broad-based liberal arts education that teaches students to think critically and communicate with confidence. Rooted in more than 140 years of a forward-thinking tradition, the College has always been a leader. From a pioneering residential program for single mothers with children and the establishment of the Fulton Center for Sustainable Living to initiating a USDA certified-organic farm to leading the way on affordability in higher education with a first-of-its-kind student debt buyback program, Wilson continues to be a trendsetter. More than 900 students currently attend Wilson College.