William Peace University

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William Peace University is a small liberal arts college in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

William Peace University is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and offers undergraduate degrees in 10 majors. The institution adopted its current name in 2012, concurrent with its decision to begin admitting men to its day program; it was previously known as Peace Institute and Peace College. Peace offers majors in the following areas:anthropology, biology, business administration, communication, criminal justice, education, English, liberal studies, BFA: Musical Theatre, theatre, politics and public affairs, and psychology. As an exclusively undergraduate college, Peace offers only Bachelor’s degrees. The most popular majors at the college are in the field of communications, where one quarter of all students focus their studies. Peace also offers an honors program for academically-advanced students. All Bachelor of Arts candidates must complete an internship. The college also encourages study abroad, paying 15% of all costs for qualified students who want to study outside of the United States.


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