William Jewell College

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William Jewell College is a private, four-year liberal arts college of 1,100 undergraduate students located in Liberty, Missouri

William Jewell College was founded in 1849 by members of the Missouri Baptist Convention and endowed with $10,000 by William Jewell. Another founder was Robert S. James, a Baptist minister and father of the infamous Frank and Jesse James. It was associated with the Missouri Baptist Convention for over 150 years until its separation in 2003 and is now an independent institution.

The college offers more than 40 academic majors and 10 pre-professional programs. William Jewell is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

William Jewell College also provides an Oxbridge Honors Program. Oxbridge majors take tutorials in their major, study abroad in Oxford or Cambridge, and take comprehensive exams during their senior year. The college has also sent many students and professors to the University of Evansville’s satellite campus at Harlaxton Manor. The College offers a Journey Grant Program in which students can qualify for a minimum $2,000 grant to use their junior year of school to help create an educational experience like study abroad, leadership and service projects, internships, research, business projects, etc.

In the period from 2006 to 2013, the College claimed two Fulbright Scholars, two Goldwater Scholars, two Rhodes Scholar national finalists, three Truman Scholars, a National Institute of Health Fellow, a George J. Mitchell Scholarship, two Council of Independent Colleges American Graduate Fellowship finalists, a Point Foundation Scholar, a James Madison Fellow, a Gilman Scholar, one USA Today Scholar and seven Teach For America corps members.

The Department of Education started Jewellโ€™s first graduate program in 2014. Exclusively for practicing teachers, the Master of Science of Education in Differentiated Instruction helps teachers increase the effectiveness of their practice as they utilize their own classrooms and students. The program is approved by the Higher Learning Commission and is on the List of Schools Approved for Degree or Certification Earning Programs by the Cooperating School Districts of Greater Kansas City.


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