St. Mary’s College of Maryland

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St. Mary’s College of Maryland, established in 1840, is an American public, secular (non-religious) and co-educational four-year liberal arts college located in St. Mary’s City, Maryland

St. Mary’s College of Maryland is a public honors college, and is one of only two colleges with this designation in the United States. With about 2,000 enrolled students, the institution offers bachelor’s degrees in 24 disciplines, as well as a master’s program and numerous certification programs.

The college is located in St. Mary’s City, Maryland and shares much of its campus with Historic St. Mary’s City, the site of Maryland’s first colony and first capital. It is also the site of the fourth colony in British North America.

St. Mary’s City is also considered to be the birthplace of religious freedom in America because of the unique mandates establishing and governing the British colony that once stood there, requiring religious tolerance.

The internationally recognized Historic Archeology Field School is jointly operated by St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Historic St. Mary’s City. The campus and the rest of St. Mary’s City combined are considered to be one of the premier archaeological sites in the United States.


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